What Life Insurance can Pilots get?

Flying in a jetliner is very safe but flying can be risky. Life Insurance is something we all need and Life Insurance for Pilots is vital.

We all know people who refuse to fly. If they have to, they try to sleep as much as possible.

Life Insurance for Pilots because You never Know how the Flight will End

Some flying accidents result in the death of an entire sporting team. Many famous people have died in plane crashes. But what about the pilots who die?

In 1987 a South African Airways flight left from Taiwan with 140 passengers on board and 19 crew. Neither the 49-year-old captain, his crew and passengers could know that the flight would never arrive in South Africa. A raging fire on board killed every one of them as it plunged into the Indian Ocean east of Mauritius.

Life Insurance for Pilots

Designed for Aviation – Pilotinsure Life Insurance for Pilots

Dying at a young age isn’t all pilots have to contend with. They leave families behind. Even small health issues that results in a pilot not passing a medical, can mean the loss of their licence.

Pilotinsure is focused on aviation, advising their clients on the best insurance solutions. They provide pilots with insurance dedicated to their flying lifestyle –

  • Dread Disease –  Even pilots can get a dread disease. If diagnosed with cancer, heart issues, stroke or paralysis, they receive a cash payout. Every pilot must ensure that their policy pays out on diagnosis, not when their cancer has reached stage 3 or 4.
  • Loss of license – This allows the pilot to claim for a monthly amount when they are unable to work as a pilot. However, not all pilots quality for this insurance.
  • Disability – Pilots are paid either a lump sum, or a monthly income when they can’t fly because of a medical condition or an accident. There are 2 main types of cover. Your choice determines the premium you pay.
  • Impairment – A lump sum pay out which is a percentage based on how severe the condition is.

Pilotinsure Life Insurance for Pilots can Help

They are professionals in their field with their focus on aviation and its issues. They advise clients on the best insurance solutions and travel all over the country to meet with clients.

Life insurance firms put everyone through an underwriting process according to age, job and health.  This determines whether or not to insure you and Underwriters consider flying a risk factor.

Applying for life insurance can be tricky for a pilot. Don’t waste your time playing a waiting game with the wrong insurance agencies. PilotInsure is for pilots by people who are experienced in the aviation industry and who can ensure that your application is completed correctly.

As a pilot you get the best rates simply because they understand flying and this makes a huge difference in the premium you pay and the services you receive.

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