Momentum Life Insurance

    The Momentum Group believe that in providing financial support for your family in the form of life insurance products, you are taking the serious side of life seriously allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest. Get a Momentum life insurance quote to see what they offer.

    Wholly owned by FirstRand Limited, Momentum Group’s financial standing is one of the biggest on the South African Stock Market, giving them credibility and assurance to be, they believe, one of the biggest and best financial services providers in the country.

    What life insurance do I get?

    Momentum group offer a wide range of value life insurance products which they say offers their customers choice enough to fulfill any needs you might have at what ever stage of life you are in.

    Momentum Life InsuranceAmong their life cover benefits Momentum Group offer the Death Benefit, which ensures that they pay out an instant lump sum on sudden death as well as 100% of the Death Benefit amount on diagnosis of terminal illness, meaning that in the event of an unexpected event your family are taken care of financially.

    Momentum Life Insurance offers an Unnatural Death Benefit which insures you and your family in the event of you dying an unnatural death such as in a car accident. This life insurance policy is especially helpful, say Momentum, if you are the major income provider in your family.

    Momentu Life Insurance Last Survivor Death Benefit, among other things, offers to pay the life insurance premiums of the surviving spouse until their own death, in the event of the other spouse passing away. The Education Protector is included in life insurance policies to ensure that your children’s education needs are taken care of in the event of your death. The Funeral Benefit is specifically aimed at providing the necessary cover for immediate funeral expenses which can be a huge financial burden at an unfortunate time.

    Why Choose Momentum Life Insurance?

    Momentum Life Insurance believe that it is important to make securing you future as simple as possible. This considered they say that their all-in-one life insurance policies, which allow you to take out one policy to cover all your risk needs, make the difficult decision when considering your own mortality, a much easier one to bear.