We’re all too busy living to think about dying, but take a moment and consider your family

Not many people consider life cover while they’re alive, but it’s too late when they’re dead.

The painful reality is that we cannot prevent or delay death. However, we can take precautions to make it less stressful for our families – financially.

A life cover policy pays out a lump sum to the beneficiaries of the policy in the event of the clientele’s death or life disability.

If the insured has a terminal disease that can lead to their death within twelve months, the Terminal Illness Benefit comes into effect.

Still in doubt about whether to sign up for this insurance?

Consider this. Are you the breadwinner of your family? Do you have outstanding debt?  What if you die before getting a chance to pay it off? Do you want your loved ones to bear the burden?

Life cover is for the life your family must live when you’re gone

Life cover

You need this policy. Any family that has lost a working father or mother can confirm this. Today the acceptable age-group for a life insurance policy is much wider than for any other insurance policy.

People as young as 15 and as old as 80 can own life cover policies! Also, for countries like South Africa where HIV affects a large percentage of the population it matters.

HIV-positive people are also insurable when it comes to this policy, therefore increasing the margin for those that are insurable under it.

Take out this policy while you are still young, as the premiums increase with age and are bound to be less affordable later on.

You are also more likely to raise a larger amount of money to leave your beneficiaries while you are still young. However, life cover policies are flexible and altered to fit the payer’s circumstances should they change. Get free Life insurance quotes online now!

Review your policy regularly as you may be paying for cover you no longer need

Apart from the Terminal Illness Benefit, another advantage of the policy is the Immediate Expenses Benefit. On receipt of the claim, the benefit pays out an amount of the cover to the specified beneficiary within 48 hours.

When it comes to matters that need urgent attention like funeral expenses, this can help.

Make sure that you choose a policy whose benefits will be suitable to take care of your loved ones. As well as your debts.

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If your life cover isn’t enough, your family may still suffer after all your debts and funeral expenses are paid off.

What a  life cover aims to achieve is to leave your family financially stable after your death. And to help them fit right back into their normal lifestyle despite their loss.


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