Life Insurance without Medical Examination from Clientèle Life

The search for a life cover can be time-consuming. Also looking for Life insurance without medical examination can be tough.  To some, it may seem like a basic decision.

But some points need to be discussed and compared.

It is in considering these various options that take up time. Then the comparison between the different insurance companies adds a couple of more hours, as well.


Look Out For

The important points that most people look at, when they are doing their homework on life coverage, is:

  • What are the overall benefits?
  • Does it cover all the vital elements, like passing away, terminal illness and disability, or just one of these areas?
  • How much will the monthly instalments amount to?
  • When will the funds be available, if the need for it arises?
  • How much funding will be available on the occasion of any of these unfortunate events taking place?
  • Will the insurance also cover funeral expenses?


The insurers also have a few of their requests that you need to submit, with your application, which are:

  • Life Insurance without Medical ExaminationAll the information regarding your personal details, like your gender and age;
  • The particulars of the hobbies you like that involve physical activity. Which can impact your life, like skydiving or rock climbing;
  • The recorded documents of your medical history, from any doctors and hospitals you have been to;
  • Your family’s health history; and
  • The time to let the insurance company do some of their medical examinations, which involve blood tests and urine samples.


As you can see, from the previously mentioned requirements, applying for life coverage will take some of your time.

It’s the case with things that impact our lives.

Once you have submitted everything and been approved, however, you will be grateful that you did take the time to apply.

Life Insurance without Medical Examination

Some companies provide you with more convenient options, in the matter of smoothing certain aspects of the application process.

At Clientèle Life this is precisely what they guarantee.

In choosing their Standard Cover Plan, you without a doubt benefit from the bonus that they do not require any medical examination.

You may be wondering what qualifies this as a bonus.

Well, three things make this beautiful:

  • You will be saving some precious time, by not having to go to any facility where they will need to do tests and take samples. As this is life insurance without medical examination
  • You, also, will not need to experience any of the invasiveness that these kinds of tests project, due to the prodding of medical instruments and needles; and
  • Your application will not need to wait for tedious test results before it can be approved.


It is saving you time, energy and any uncomfortable feeling that could arise.

Besides the no examination prerequisite, Clientèle Life’s Standard Coverage also includes:

  • Getting a return on your money, after five years of monthly payments;
  • Receiving more than 70% of your cover’s money up front, with the diagnosis that you have a fatal condition; as well as
  • Being directly insured for an unexpected passing.


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