Benefits of the Clientele Hospital Plan

The Clientele hospital plan is a cash back hospital plan. What does it mean and how does it differ from a normal hospital plan?

What is a cash back hospital plan?

A cash back hospital plan is a form of health insurance provided by an insurance company that pays out a set amount per day you spend in hospital. You have insurance against the risk that you might probably end up in hospital due to sickness or an accident.

It is important to note that the Council of Medical Schemes does not regulate these plans.

How the Clientele hospital plan works

  1. You will receive cash into your bank account for every day you spend in hospital.
  2. The Clientele plan also includes additional benefits:
  3. Cover for pre-existing medical conditions after a waiting period of 24 months.
  4. Maternity benefits: you will receive cash back for maternity related conditions after a waiting period of 12 months.
  5. Cash back- after every 60 premiums paid you will receive 6 months premiums back.
  6. ICU benefit- you will receive 50% extra for each day spent in ICU.
  7. You can add cover to your Clientele plan for: accidental death cover, dread disease cover and accidental disability cover.
  8. You have to be in hospital for a set amount of days before you can claim.  This differs from plan to plan.
  9. Clientele pays the money into your bank account and you will have to settle the account with the hospital.

What is a hospital plan?

A hospital plan is a medical aid plan provided by a medical aid scheme that covers the members for medical costs incurred while they are in hospital. This is also a risk based insurance form.

Clientele Hospital Plan

Hospital plans pay the hospitals and service providers for treatment you receive in hospital, this includes; Theatre costs, doctors, medication, surgery, therapy, radiology and any other in-hospital costs. They pay the hospital on your behalf and you have to pay the part that the hospital plan does not cover.

The Council of Medical Schemes regulates all the medical aid schemes in South Africa and according to the medical schemes act.

The difference between Clientele hospital plans and a medical aid

• By law Clientele does not have to pay for prescribed minimum benefits.
• Their waiting periods are not determined by the medical schemes act. This means they can let you wait for 2 years to claim for a chronic disease.
• The moneys they pay out are in no means enough to cover the costs of hospitalization.
The Clientele hospital plan is in essence an insurance policy, and in no means a medical aid option or any form of medical cover and should not be used as such. It can however be employed as gap cover.

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All info was correct at time of publishing