1Life Insurance in South Africa

1Life Insurance in South Africa offers a range of insurance and investment products. These products can provide the financial protection you need against illness, loss of a job and even death.

Life isn’t easy in South Africa, and you can lose your job and your life all on the same day. With so much uncertainty, it’s a good idea to have insurance. So that you don’t leave your family with lots of financial worries.

You Always get the Right Products

You can get a host of insurance products from 1Life, and they have gone one step further. They offer clients a financial needs analysis. Which makes sure their customers buy the right products based on their earning and their unique individual circumstances.

OneLife Insurance1Life Insurance Ltd provides quality insurance products at a reasonable cost. They’re able to offer affordable products because they reduce- and eliminate administrative expenses.

Their 1Life Pure Life Cover provides a payout to your beneficiary ranging from R200 000 up to R10 million. The policy also conveniently pays out R50 000 Pay Now. The Expo-Sure benefit helps clients reduce the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS by offering testing and treatment programmes after exposure to HIV.

Do you fit the Criteria OneLife Insurance?

To qualify for 1Life Insurance products, you need to be between 18 and 65 years of age. You need to be a South African Citizen, and you need to have a bank account.
Some of the products that OneLife can offer you is –

  • Dread disease cover – stroke, cardiovascular- and kidney disease can put you out of a job, not to mention the massive medical bills you’ll have to pay if your medical aid doesn’t
  • life insurance – if you die how will your family cope financially? Without your income, who’s going to pay for school fees and medical bills? Life insurance is a must-have if your family is dependent on your salary. It’s worth investigating cover from 1Life because –
    – you can get as much as R10 million life cover, and you don’t require a medical examination
    – the plan also includes R50,000 funeral cover.
    – Premiums for life cover can start at about R120 per month
  • disability insurance – imagine if you were disabled and lost limbs or were paralysed from the neck down? Disability insurance can pay out a lump sum for which you may even need some of the funds to remodel your home to cater for this new disability
  • expense protector – 1Life will pay out a monthly income if you are disabled through an accident or illness. It can be helpful to tide you over till you’re able to return to work


  • Funeral cover – Funeral costs are rising dramatically, but at least with a funeral policy from OneLife, you can rely on a payout within 24 hours to put towards a funeral for your loved one.
  • Unit trusts- for just R500 a month, you can get exposure to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and choose from a range of investment portfolios while having the support of Sanlam Investment Managers.

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