Sanlam Life Insurance

Sanlam life insurance has been providing policies and other financial services for over five decades. And Sanlam claims to be a pioneer in a number of areas of insurance provision.

For example Sanlam claim to have been the first company to introduce a “cooling off” period. During this period they offer their customers a money back guarantee.

Also Sanlam life insurance was the first to offer an immediate payment on a death claim for the funeral. They also introduced the Burial Repatriation Benefit. That covers the expenses of transporting the deceased and a family member to a chosen burial site.

What types of Sanlam life insurance can I get?

The company has a number of life insurance packages to choose from and, because they believe they Sanlamknow and understand your financial and insurance needs, they claim to be able to offer a wide range of affordable and simple financial solutions.

  • Glacier offers personal life insurance. Glacier covers you in the event you fall ill with a serious illness or suffer an unforeseen eventuality. Eligibility is based on various factors. These include income, qualification and occupation. Sanlam believes this policy offers some of the most attractive life insurance rates.
  • The Sky Life Plan offers financial help for your loved ones in the event of your death. Sky Life ensures that their daily expenses are taken care of. The company claims that this life insurance options covers all your basic needs. That makies it one of the most cost effective life insurance plans available.
  • Topaz Life insurance covers you and your family in the event of your untimely death for aspects such as funeral insurance and executor’s fees, repay your debts and cover the costs of your family’s daily needs. With Topaz Sanlam say you can structure your benefits to meets all your life insurance needs.
  • The Life Power insurance option is for people living with HIV. You are covered from the moment you take out the policy and as long as you adhere to the recognised treatment guidelines. They believe this life insurance policy will help to put you and your family at ease about managing financially after your death.


Why choose Sanlam?

Sanlam believe that their customers are all individuals and so they say that they have created a full spectrum of insurance policies so that they can put together a tailor made portfolio for you. They also offer funeral cover.


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All info was correct at time of publishing