Alexander Forbes Life Insurance

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance Ltd is a leading financial services provider to the higher income bracket. Therefore it offers direct-to-the-customer insurance solutions. And it offers policies to protect you and your family should you have an accidental death or disability.

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance’s core focus is to educate and direct their clients. They offer benefits of insurance and to form long term partnerships with them. That ensures they are protected for life.

What insurance can I get from Alexander Forbes?

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance has a range of accident and life insurance solutions to choose from. These offer different protection cover depending on your needs and risk requirements.

The Comprehensive Personal Accident Plan is available to cover you only or you and your family. Insurance benefits are paid directly to you. This cover includes accidental death, permanent, partial or temporary disability, mobility expenses and counselling.

Alexander Forbes Life Insurance

The Premium Comprehensive Accident Plan works the same way as the Personal Accident plan but has added insurance for burial assistance, a bereavement pack, telephonic assistance and a car benefit.

Life insurance for women

Alexander Forbes death, permanent, partial or temporary disability, mobility expenses and counselling. also offers an Ultimate Protection Plan for Women. And Alexander Forbes claims to take into account the importance of a woman’s contribution to the financial sector and thus they have developed an insurance policy especially for women. Alexander Forbes state that 1 in 11 women in South Africa may develop breast cancer in her lifetime. With this in mind, this protection plan for women focuses on the diagnosis of cancer in women, such as breast or cervical cancer as well as allowing for reconstructive surgery when needed. It also insures you against a crime related disability or death and accidental death or disability.

Why choose Alexander Forbes Life Insurance?

Alexander Forbes has recently implemented a Value Added Service that they believe helps with the smooth running of your insurance portfolio and any claims made. Therefore on receiving a claim they make an outbound call to you offering condolences and advice regarding the services you require, they offer ongoing telephonic support and a free interview with an attorney. Alexander Forbes also offers the family the use of a car for 3 days to ensure they have the transport they need to sort out the immediate needs.


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