Old Mutual Life Insurance

Old Mutual life insurance is one of South Africa’s largest financial services companies. It operates in partnership with Nedbank and Mutual and Federal. Old Mutual bring to the table vast amounts of experience and product knowledge. It also has a carefully selected and trained team of value-driven people.

The Old Mutual client base encompasses individuals, businesses, corporates and institutions. They are as committed to serving the South African communities as they are their investors.

What life insurance do I get?

Old Mutual is a long standing financial services provider and they believe that this means that their life insurance policies are, using the wealth of experience, well crafted to fit with the needs of South Africans. Old Mutual life Old Mutual Life Insuranceinsurance comes in a number of different plans within the Life Plan range including Pure Life, Life and Disability and Accidental Death and Disability.

Each life insurance policy comes with different features and benefits. So your payout amount depends on the monthly premiums you pay. Other factors include your gender and the age at which you take out your policy.

The Pure Life insurance plan is set up to provide your family with money in the event of your death. Then you receive 100% of the benefit. The Life and Disability insurance plan helps you or your family in the event that you become disabled. Or it provides your family with money on your death.

The Accidental Death and Disability insurance plan is there to help you financially should you become disabled in an accident, or to provide money for your family in the event of your accidental death. The Old Mutual life insurance policies start at as little as R52 per month. That depends on your needs and financial situation.

Why choose Old Mutual life insurance?

Old Mutual believes that their experience and value driven staff are at the forefront of providing life insurance packages to South Africans. Added to each of their life insurance plans you can benefit from a number of value added extras.

Premium holiday allows you to miss a few monthly payments but still be insured, Start Again benefit allows you to restart your policy under certain circumstances if, for whatever reason, it has been cancelled and Cash Back benefit gives you cash back every 5 years as long as you have paid all your life insurance premiums.


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