Dread Disease Benefits

Health is a priceless gift. It’s only when the doctor breaks the spine-chilling news to you that you have a dread disease such as cancer that you realise what health means. All the money in the world can’t buy good health. But dread disease benefits from an insurance policy can make treatment possible.

The Origin of Dread Disease Benefits

It was in 1980 that cardiac surgeon, Marius Barnard developed the first such insurance idea. He saw that after his patients had received heart surgery, they faced additional medical costs and were out of work for months convalescing. A company first offered dread disease insurance in 1983. The insurance industry has changed dramatically since then, but today dread disease benefits cover the cost of medical treatments and replacing lost income.

Dread Disease Benefits
Financial planners advise you to understand dread disease coverage because inadequate knowledge can lead to mistakes and financial loss. There are difference options available, and while some products will pay 100%, others will pay according to the severity of the situation.

Ill health Puts Huge Strain on household’s Finances

Medical aid schemes do provide cover while you are in the hospital. But the problem comes about from out-of-hospital expenses, which is precisely why cancer and stroke patients often face massive financial costs even when they are on good medical aids. To steer your household away from huge expenses, look for insurance for critical illnesses.

Although life insurance cover has been around for a while, customers have had to buy an HIV policy. Nedbank Insurance not only led the way with covering people with HIV under their 360Life, but Nedbank also offers dread disease cover.

NedBank Insurance is one of the biggest insurance banking groups in Southern Africa, providing a variety of insurance products. They want to protect you and your family. They want to be there for your family when you become critically ill, or you die. So when you get a dread disease, you’ll get a lump sum paid out.

Contributions Which will Amount Substantial Dread Disease Benefits


Serious illnesses can strike at any time, whether you’re young or old. As a breadwinner, you’ll want to protect your family if you become ill with one of these dread diseases. Each insurance company structures their dread disease cover policies differently regarding benefits, payouts, exclusion and the illnesses they cover. With 1Lifedirect some of the advantages you can enjoy include:

  • A payout of up to R4 million in the case of serious illness depending on cover selected.
  • No medical examination, just an HIV test which from a Link Pharmacy.
  • One of the biggest benefits of dread disease cover from 1Lifedirect is that they offer fixed premiums, so you won’t find an increase in your premiums for the first 2 years. After that, your premiums will only increase by 5%.
  • You are covered immediately for accidental and natural death.



Remember, that even though you are ill, you can’t afford to fill in your claim forms incorrectly. If you provide wrong information, the company won’t pay the benefit. Take out as much cover as you can afford. Most people take out policies up to R1.5 million, but many times when treatments persist, this isn’t enough. Working towards restoring health should never be compromised.

Act now, because for a relatively small sum, the high returns you enjoy will ensure treatment for your dread disease.

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