Metropolitan Life give your family life after death

Since 1979 Metropolitan Life has been one of the top financial service providers in South Africa.

Currently, they are one of the giants in the life insurance market.

Companies like Metropolitan have the knowledge you need when looking at an investment portfolio.

Metropolitan Life and types of insurance plans

When searching for the right life cover, first decide what type of plan you need.

Are you looking for a plan that gives your family a sum of money should you die. Or are you looking for a policy that has a disability option? Here are a few plans that Metropolitan Life offer.

Metropolitan LifeLife Cover – sub-divided into three plans:


Disability Cover – sub-divided into two plans:

Occupational disability – When you can no longer work due to being disabled.

Comprehensive disability – Occupational disability combined with functional impairment.

Further Metropolitan Life plans to make your future secure

Lifestyle adjustment – sub-divided into four plans that pay out a cash sum:

  • Accidental physical impairment
  • Physical impairment all causes
  • Functional impairment
  • Critical Illness


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Premium Protection Benefits

Disability premium waiver – Your premiums are paid when you can no longer work.

Some insurance firms have a funeral cover as well. The funeral plan is an added policy that pays a cash sum to cover the costs of a funeral. Each company varies in their types of policies and some offer more than others.

There are many insurance companies around, to find the best one for you, go online and get free Life Insurance quotes. Life and your family are precious so be wise and invest in a life insurance policy today!

Life and your family are precious, plan ahead before it’s too late to plan anything! Invest in your family’s future, invest in a life insurance policy today!

All info was correct at time of publishing