Medscheme from Old Mutual Insurance

Old Mutual is one of the largest life insurance firms in South Africa. They also provide medical aid plans as well through Medscheme, a wholly owned company.

With Old Mutual backup, your family can be 100% sure of payment from Medscheme if you die.

With a life cover plan from Old Mutual, you don’t need a medical examination to be accepted by Medscheme.

What is the purpose of getting insurance quotes?

There are many insurance companies and policies. So it is only fitting to get quotes before deciding on which company and policy you want. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it is now easy to find what you want. Just get your insurance quotes online.

Just go to the relevant company’s web page and viewing all the policies that they have available. Then select the one that interests you.  Add your details, choose the relevant policy and hit the send button. The company of choice will then email or fax you a quote in no time at all. You can use the quote to compare prices and value to other companies with the same type of policies.

Medscheme from Old Mutual

How do I know which one to get a quote on?

Start with insurance life quote as life cover pays out a lump sum on death of the insured to your beneficiaries and is the most important policy to have. If there is more than one type of life policy and you are unsure which one to select, get a quote on all of them and then take the quotes to a financial advisor or someone you trust to help you. They can then assist you in deciding if the policies have what you currently need and if they are adaptable to any future changes you would possibly need to make.

Medscheme Quotes

Once that is done then, you can always go and look at the other policies like disability policies, funeral cover, Premium Waiver Benefits (if available) and any other policy that you would like to add to your investment portfolio. Sometimes the insurance policy jargon can confuse a person, so it helps to call on someone in the know to help answer your questions and to clarify what is being said in the policy.

To get a Life Insurance quote. Just fill in the form on this page.

You cannot go wrong with an incredible asset such as a life insurance policy, so do not hesitate, it is never too late to invest in a good life insurance policy.

All info was correct at time of publishing