Life Insurance Online in a Jiffy

We’re living in times when people don’t want to wait for anything. Any kind of waiting around simply means they move on to those who can provide services or products instantaneously. Not only that, people want affordable, straightforward life insurance online.

They don’t want to fill out lengthy, complex forms. They’re willing to spend just a minute or two applying for life insurance. They want to hear if their application is successful in a few minutes and not in a few weeks.

The whole purpose of having Life Cover is to get cover immediately as who can say when death will happen? Having life insurance will ensure your family can continue surviving well when you’re no longer there to provide for them. The amount of cover required will vary by individual circumstances.

Even the Young can Die Unexpectedly – Life insurance online

If you are young and totally debt free, you may not be thinking of life insurance yet. But if you have children or some debt which you don’t want to pass on to your loved one, you will want life insurance. The benefit of getting life insurance from Instant Life is that because of its electronic underwriting, it is significantly cheaper than other traditional competitors such 1Life and Outsurance.

The CEO of Instant Life, Bryan McLachlan, says other life insurance companies take a few weeks to come up with a final insurance quote. And the customer still has to go for medical tests, McLachlan says with full confidence that with Instant Life, you have your policy document in your inbox in a matter of 20 minutes.

Life Insurance Online

He explains that this is because of the online underwriting and the fact that Instant Life rates the risk of potential customers by means of a dynamic online questionnaire which was developed by actuaries and an IT company from New Zealand. The way potential members answer one question will determine what the next question will be, and there are thousands upon thousands of different combinations of questions. The questionnaire will be accompanied by a recent HIV test. McLachlan isn’t new to life insurance and has plenty of experience from having worked at Woolworths Financial Services, FNB, Old Mutual, Nedbank and AIG.

Everyone has Opportunities Now – Life insurance online

Speaking about Instant Life, McLachlan said people looking for life insurance cover who were previously under-serviced can now benefit, and the platform allows customers to have access to their policies conveniently and quickly online.

  • the convenience of online access
  • cover for your entire life – natural and accidental death
  • clients have 24/7 access – quote in less than 1 minute – buy in less than 20 minutes
  • 20% cashback every 10 years
  • up to R6 000 000 cover
  • access to – a safe online policy management service
  • members can make changes to their levels of cover


Quick, cheap and Stress-free – Do it Online

Avoid the costs and frustrations you get when working through a broker or irritating call centre and get your life insurance online in a jiffy – sorted with Instant Life.


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All info was correct at time of publishing