Instant Life Insurance

Instant life insurance quotes are available right here online with leading South African life insurers. These include Metropolitan Life Insurance, First for Women, and One Life Insurance. Complete the form on this page and submit it to get an online instant life insurance quote.

Getting online insurance quotes takes the aggravation out of hunting for quote comparisons. Everything is automatic up until the moment you receive your life cover quote. This is usually for whole life insurance, also called pure life. :Your estate receives the benefit when you die.

Once You Have Your Instant Life Insurance Quote

Once you have received your instant life insurance quote, or set of online insurance quotes, you can start to build on that basis. There are several extras you can add to whole life insurance to make your policy comprehensive. Some of the choices are:

Disability cover. This pays out for disability when you are unable to work. Given the number of car collisions that happen in South Africa daily you really should take out disability cover.

Instant Life Insurance QuotesSevere illness. If you incur a dread disease or illness such as cancer or heart failure that makes it impossible for you to work then you get a payout under the conditions of the policy.

Loss of earnings. As the recession bites many people are losing their jobs. Make sure your life insurance policy includes a section of loss of earnings cover.

Other Kinds of Insurance

Health insurance. Medical aids rarely cover the entire amount owing following a hospital stay. You need extra cover in the form of health insurance. The payout may be used directly for health expenses or for other expenses incurred as a result of your confinement in hospital.

Education cover. Some life insurance companies, notably Discovery Life and Sanlam, offer education insurance. This means that should you die the insurance company will pay out all the education costs of your children, including tertiary education. If they are talented enough to be accepted by a top overseas university such as Oxford or Cambridge, the insurance company will pay all expenses.

Funeral cover. When getting life insurance quotes it is advisable to link a funeral policy to your life cover. When you die the insurance company will immediately pay for the funeral. This is important. Your loved ones will have a hard enough time coping with their loss without having to worry about where to get money for a decent funeral.

Instant Life Insurance Quotes

Instant life insurance quotes as provided on this website provide basic life cover. You can a tailor a fully-fledged life insurance policy once you have basic life insurance in place.

Instant life insurance quotes can be obtained with just a few clicks of your mouse and a few keyboard strokes. Complete the form at the top left-hand side of this page and you will receive an instant quote from a reputable South African life insurance company.

Remember that the more products you take out from one company the more reasonably priced your premiums will be.


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