Biggest Life Insurance Companies in South Africa

Life insurance can help your family survive financially when you’re not there anymore. In the event of your death, benefits can be distributed to one or more beneficiaries of your choosing. The biggest life insurance companies in South Africa offer can take care of your loved ones once you have gone.

There are different types of life insurance so it pays to know which ones pay a benefit for instance and which ones have a cash surrender value. With the biggest life insurance companies you can terminate a life insurance policy and you can also take a loan against the cash value of your policy.

The beauty about life insurance is that it isn’t only protecting you from life’s uncertainties, but it also provides a form of investment too with its payment of regular premiums when the insured gets the lump sum amount at the maturity of the contract.

Find Out What Each of the Biggest Life Insurance Companies Offers

South Africa has many solid life insurance companies and luckily there are some good comparison websites that allow you to see that just because a life insurance company is big, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. There Biggest Life Insurance Companies in SAare some companies who insist on a medical exam before you join them while there are others will will give you coverage without a medical exam.

The idea is to find out what each one offers and if it suits what you’re after. Are you looking for disability cover, income protection-, burial cover or life cover? You’ll be able to compare quotes from these respected and trusted life insurance companies in South Africa.

  • Old Mutual – this is one of South Africa’s must well-know names in the insurance business and Old Mutual is the biggest long-insurance provider in South Africa. Old Mutual has a variety of life insurance products for everyone.
  • Momentum Life Insurance – a wide range of long-term insurance products of which life insurance is one. Momentum Life Insurance began operations in 1966 as a small life insurance company under the ownership of AVBOB. They provide a holistic life insurance plan to meet your individual needs. The life cover benefit from Momentum Life helps to ensure your loved ones have access to sufficient income which allows their lifestyle to continue as it always was. Some of the products are the Momentum Life Disability Cover, the Critical Illness Benefits, Impairments, Savings & Retirement and others. Momentum also offers their award winning rewards programme known as Momentum Multiply.


More Huge Life Insurance Companies

  • Liberty Life offers a variety of  investment options and insurance policies. Their Lifestyle Protector plan covers people who are HIV+. It also offers income protection, paying you a lump sum to settle your debts when you are unable to work.
  • Metropolitan Life Cover – they offer four different life insurances. You can get the appropriate cover for life events such as occupational disability cover, life cover and critical illness cover. They are one of the largest financial services group, targeting mainly the lower- and middle-income markets in Southern Africa. Recently Metropolitan and Momentum merged to form MMI Holdings.
  • Sanlam –  an extensive product range. They offer a life cover policy tailored to your personal needs. Their Matrix Life Insurance offers flexibility. You can  combine life insurance, critical illness cover, disability cover and income protection with additional offerings such as accident cover. Your beneficiaries won’t pay tax on the proceeds of your life insurance and you could opt for the Final Expense Benefit that will pay out within 48 hours. The cost of the insurance will depend on things like your risk profile and your age.

Life Cover simply makes life easier for your family, providing cash for your family after your death to ensure they can enjoy a reasonable lifestyle when you’re no longer there.


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