First for Woman Insurance

The attraction of First for Woman Insurance is the simple fact that it understands women. And the fact that females are safer and more responsible drivers than men. That makes them a better insurance risk than their male counterparts altogether. First for Woman believes it is only fair to offer women lower insurance premiums than what men pay. And that’s whether they are looking for home cover or car insurance or other insurances they offer. Fortunately, the scope of First for Woman insurance is wide. It includes home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, personal insurance as well as business insurance.

A World of Benefits

With First for Women Insurance, a whole new world of benefits is waiting for women. In fact, 1st for Women has had the interests of women as a top priority of theirs since 2003. Importantly, they were the first insurance brokers who tailored short term insurance to the specific needs of South African women.

First for Woman Insurance South Africa

By contrast, Regent Insurance also provides for a variety of short-term insurance needs. However, unlike 1st for Women insurance which offers a broad range of insurance types, they cover just the major insurances. These include vehicle, life, and household insurance.

The Lowest Insurance Premiums Possible from First for Woman Insurance

With 1st for Woman Insurance, you don’t have to lose sleep when your belongings are stolen or damaged. The good news is that First for Women Insurance offers women the lowest insurance premiums possible. And there are additional benefits. These benefits suit the individual woman and include useful features such as trauma assist and medical and road assist.

Their Cash Back Plus, for instance, gives you some cash back for not claiming for four years in a row. You’ll get a payout of your 1st year’s premiums. Or up to 25% of all your premiums paid for four years.

Additionally, Premium waiver benefits are automatic with this Cash Back Plus option. These are retrenchment premium and death premium waiver benefits.

1st for Woman is part of the Telesure Group with offices in Dainfern, Johannesburg. Insurance companies such as 1st for Women have had the interests of women high on their agenda.

Significantly, First for Women Insurance Brokers feel responsible towards the women of South Africa. They have established their First for Women Trust which funds organisations supporting the causes of South African women. Products and benefits from First for Woman are for South African females. They are different from the regular insurance offerings that are principally for men.

First for Woman Insurance is a Top Short-Term Insurance Brand

Everyone is finding it hard to stretch their money to go just a little bit further. So no wonder that in 2010, 1st for Women won the prize for the top short-term insurance brand in SA. That was in the Sunday Times Top Brand Awards.

That’s because having access to the lowest insurance quotes means that women in South Africa make FirstForWomen their first choice. First for Women insurance offers replacement value for cars, cameras, bicycles and other possessions. And First for Women Insurance prides itself on having the emotional ability to cater to the needs of women.

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