Disability Cover from Old Mutual

With the high cost of living, disability cover is important. If you suffer an injury or become terminally ill so that you can no longer work, where is your money to support you going to come from? Have you looked at disability cover? Disability cover takes away the nightmare of no longer being able to work. It will provide some form of income. Just like with any other insurance, for cover to remain valid, policyholders with disability cover will need to comply with all requirements in the policy.

Disability Cover as an Employee Benefit

These day companies are offering more employee benefits than in the past, and one of these is disability insurance. It has to be one of the best kinds of cover you can take out. Accidents, injury and illness can strike at any time and if you haven’t been born into a super wealthy family, you’ll need some kind of an income in the future. Old Mutual offer disability cover. Their disability benefits include:

  • Disability Income Benefits –  you’ll enjoy an income upon disability until you reach retirement, you recover or you die – whichever one comes first.
  • Lump Sum Disability Benefits – you’ll receive a lump sum when you suffer a disability that prevents you from working.

Disability Cover from Old MutualWhat is nice about cover from Old Mutual is that you’re dealing with a reputable company of long-standing. Old Mutual provides insurance in Africa and beyond and they are one of the largest and most trusted financial services provider in Southern Africa. Old Mutual will tell you that you must identify your needs  before considering their options.  They invite you to choose from their GREENLIGHT range of personal cover benefits such as disability.

Greenlight Disability Cover from Old Mutual

  • You’ll get a lump sum if your injury or illness is permanent and you can’t work.
  • You’ll get a partial amount if you have a medical problem that causes some loss of bodily function. You may not be able to bath- or get dressed on your own.
  • You can buy cover from R100 000 to R30 million with Old Mutual’s Comprehensive Disability Benefit.
  • Choose whether you require cover for your entire life or just for a specified period.
  • The Extensive Disability (Own) Benefit offers protection if you can’t do your specific job.
  • The Extensive Disability Benefit protects you if you can’t do your job or any other job.
  • The amount of cover you can buy with the Extensive Disability Benefit varies from R100 000 to R30 million.
  • You’ll be covered for both mild- and severe permanent injuries or illnesses.
  • Child impairment cover is included.
  • This disability cover is also available to HIV+ customers.

Old Mutual’s Orion Disability Income Policy provides income for you each month.  Old Mutual Group Assurance claims Assessors will look at the claim to see if it is acceptable. The amount payable is based on 75% of annual salary the member received before becoming disabled.


Disability cover can protect your financial well-being. Look at Old Mutual’s offerings. Trust a reputable company like them to replace lost wages because of an illness or injury that prevents you from working.


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All info was correct at time of publishing