Get Alexander Forbes on your side for peace of mind

Insurance giant Alexander Forbes creates insurance solutions suited to meet your personal or business needs.

Often, many family and businessmen have concerns about loss of earnings or becoming disabled

What happens to their family or employees? Alexander Forbes has the answer.

Their policy packages include Life Insurance, Business Overheads Benefit, Capital Disability Benefit, Income Protection, Disability, Dread Diseases Cover and Dread Disease Benefit.

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When buying Life Insurance from Alexander Forbes, there are a few points you should consider

  • The amount of money you have in the bank when planning for the future as well as the amount of life cover you need.
  • How much your dependents will need should you no longer be able to provide for them?
  • What payout will be enough to allow them to live well and also provide for education?
  • What are your financial needs for the future?. This includes aspects like disability cover and income protection.

Alexander Forbes

Business Overheads Benefit

Worrying about your business should you become disabled is entirely normal.

The Business Overheads Benefit plan supports your necessary running expenses on a monthly basis while disabled.

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Capital Disability Benefit

We all fear being injured in an accident, getting a dread illness or being disabled. Should the worst happen and you are unable to generate income, the Capital Disability Benefit will assist you.
This is a disability benefit that pays out in a single lump sum, should you become permanently disabled and unable to work.

Income Protection Benefit

Income protection is vital if you have people that rely on your monthly income. The loss of income may have dire results, especially if you are the only provider in your household.
The Income protection plan from Alexander Forbes pays up to 100% percent of your taxable income monthly in case of not being able to work.

Disability and dread diseases

This policy covers your expected medical costs and income should you contract one of the dread diseases or become disabled.

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Dread disease benefit

No one wants a dread disease, a stroke, heart attack or cancer. Plus, it adds to the worries of your financial future.

The benefit pays out a lump sum to help you cover your medical and other expenses should this happen.

If planning for a secure future for your family and business, the options listed above help you to do it safely and securely.

Prosperity insurance allows you to cover your income, the essential expenses of your business and have a financial future available for your loved ones should you die.

All info was correct at time of publishing