Here’s how to invest in innovative products from Allan Gray Life

Allan Gray life are constantly looking for additional options to boost the payout of insurance for life.

The company now has a living annuity which is an additional income booster for existing life plans.

There is a constant struggle to survive in our negative economic climate. Everybody does what they can to ensure the financial future of their loved ones.

A life policy is a good way to secure their future, but what if you feel the insured amount is not enough to support your family?

How do you increase their financial earnings when you are no longer able to provide for them?

Allan Gray Life are always working on ways to make your life easier

Allan Gray Life

Using your retirement money as an annuity investment in addition to an existing life insurance policy might just be the answer for you.

By doing this, you receive a living income on a basis chosen by you. The remaining money available in the annuity will then go to your beneficiaries.

Re-invest the money your family receives after you die to provide an additional monthly income, or use it to pay off your debts, and give them a clean start.

With an annuity and life plan combination, you receive the best of both worlds; a steady income and the benefits of the life plan should help you financially should you become disabled, terminally ill or contract a dreaded disease.

What is the Allan Gray Life Insurance?

This is insurance against your life that pays a lump sum in the event of your death.
You must pay monthly premiums up until you die before the policy pays out.
Life insurance has other benefits, like income protection, disability and critical illness benefits.

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What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a financial product, created to invest your money and grow funds plus interest. You receive payment after a set period; this is an excellent way to generate cash flow during retirement.

What is the Allan Gray life living Annuity?

The Allan Gray annuity is to provide clients with a regular income after retirement. The pension benefits can be used in this investment, or by transferring their existing annuity.

Your income is not guaranteed but funded by capital growth and interest income. Purchase the product at retirement with the pension benefits received for provident or pension funds.

There is an R100 000 lump sum minimum investment amount and you choose the amount and frequency of payments. You do not pay tax on the interest and dividends of the Living annuity.

What your beneficiary receives upon your death:

The combination of your life plan and an annuity will provide for both you and your loved ones. The death benefit is received as an annuity or lump sum and if the recipient chooses an annuity, this will provide them with a steady income.

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By re-investing the death benefits they receive your family will have a steady income, to help them stay financially stable in a difficult economic climate.

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