Platinum Life

Platinum Life is a one stop insurer where South Africans can source the best life insurance in South Africa. This insurance company started at the end of 2002.

Platinum Life is a referrals only business underwritten by insurance giants Guardrisk and Momentum. This puts Platinum Life advisors in a position to help you choose from all life insurance products from these top insurance companies. You can adapt these offerings to create special, tailor-made policies for your life insurance needs.

Apart from whole life cover there are also some innovative products devised by Platinum Life for South Africans in particular. Of interest to local people are the accidental debility benefit and also the cancer insurance for women option called the Female Cancer Cover product. Cervical and breast cancer are real threats to women in this country and Platinum does its best to counter the risk of these dread diseases.

As a referrals only company Platinum Life is not in the league of the insurance giants such as Discovery Life and Metropolitan Life. Platinum is a high tech, boutique life insurer, serving South Africans by phone and email. When you decide that you need a policy customised to your particular style of life direct insurance through Platinum Life is the way to go.

Platinum Life Insurance

Platinum Life describes is business as supplying excellent insurance products and services through professional telemarketing and top class follow up service. The company is adamant that it works on referrals only. You will not find huge advertising campaigns from Platinum. This means that the Platinum Lifeonly way the company gets more customers is if their existing customers refer them to Platinum Life. It means also that Platinum Life personnel have an immediate personal touch with each and every client. At Platinum Life, the clients are the top priority. Integrity is a cornerstone of Platinum Life business and managing risk conservatively is another priority. This is to the benefit of all Platinum Life customers.

Platinum Life South Africa

This does not mean that Platinum Life is a tiny company; to the contrary. Platinum Life sends out about 50 000 informational and policy packs each and every month.

Social awareness is part of Platinum’s philosophy and the special charity they support dovetails with one of their speciality products. They donate a percentage of the premiums paid on Cancer policies to cancer charity CHOC.

With cancer policies, if you are diagnosed with cancer, the company pays out in cash. The recipient can use this cash for anything – and it is tax free.

All Platinum Life policies have the Money Back Benefit too. If there are no claims on the policy, you get back 50% of your premiums when you turn 65, as long as you have had the policy for 20 years or longer. If you take out a policy after the age of 45 then you get a Cash Back benefit after 20 years. No medical tests are required.

An encouraging fact about Platinum Life is that more than 90 percent of people who claim benefits like the service offered by this company that they give written testimonials.

Contact Platinum Life

Head Office
Customer Care

39 Ferguson Road
South Africa

Phone: 0860 542 542
Fax: 011 268 0799

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