Guardrisk Life treats your company like one big happy family

As a business owner, it is important to assist your staff with their future needs. A good way to help them is with a group based life insurance policy like Guardrisk Life.

Guardrisk is a life insurance company that prides themselves on providing cost-efficient and complete life insurance solutions.

Having people in your employ is a huge responsibility.

Not only do you have to ensure the financial stability of your company, but you have to consider the needs of your staff as well.

A happy worker is a stable worker that provides good work.

What is group life insurance from Guardrisk Life?

Guardrisk Life

Group life insurance is cover provided by an employer to its staff, therefore, on the death of a member, the members family receive a final payout. The cover is part of the employee’s benefits package.

The purchase of a bulk life insurance policy, have reduced the costs involved, as opposed to a single life policy which is more expensive.

You can manage the insurance coverage in two ways; either an option where the company pays the whole plan in full, or where the employee pays for a portion of the insurance.

Group life cover can cover death, disability and critical illness.
By providing your staff with group insurance, you save them money, and, you also enable their families to have a financial future for their loved ones should the employee die. Go online and get free Life Insurance quotes now!

The benefits of group life cover from Guardrisk Life

  • You attract loyalty and retain valuable staff.
  • You ensure peace of mind for your staff and their families.
  • Use the savings your company achieves with group insurance to better your business.
  • With a death in service option, you get extra cover should an employee die while working.
  • By paying all premiums as one amount, you save money on bank fees and admin.

The benefits of using a Guardrisk Life group Assurance plan

  • The benefits program helps employers to provide, death, disability, dread disease, funeral and other group covers.
  • The structures in place produce insurance tailored to the employer’s needs.
  • The plans are fully transparent and cost efficient.
  • The policies provide you with staff benefit programs that are financially efficient.
  • The company receives part of the underwriting profits.
  • You save your investment income in an income cell.
  • All of the investment cells have tailored options available.
  • Your group plan will not be cross-subsidised with the risks of other clients.
  • Non-disclosed pricing factors and inappropriate loadings eliminated.
  • You have access to wholesale and retail reinsurance markets.


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Remember, a group life insurance not only helps your company and your staff, it also maintains a healthy insurance life, managed by Guardrisk life.

Keep and enable your staff by providing them with peace of mind about the future of their loved ones, and support them when it is needed most, furthermore, a good benefits package will draw prospective employees and provide you with the skills your firm needs.

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