Woolworths Financial Services

Woolworths Financial Services is a fast growing section of the popular Woolworths retail chain. Woolworth financial services offer several financially based products including insurance, loans and even a credit card. Obviously

Woolworths Financial Services operates the credit side of the Woolworths business too. Through the Woolworths login you can access your clothing, home ware and food purchases account. Woolworths Financial Services takes care of this service.

Woolworths Financial Services Insurance

Believe it or not you can buy insurance straight off the shelf at Woolworths. If you are already a Woolworths Financial Service customer you qualify to get Balance Protection insurance. This means you have to have a Store Card and / or a Woolworths Credit Card or you must have taken out a Woolworths loan.  Yes, cash loans are available from Woolworths. Another requirement is that you must be in good standing. You cannot be behind on your credit card payments, for example, and expect to be granted Woolworths insurance.

Balance Protection insurance at Woolworths covers death, loss of earnings and critical illness. Even if you are disabled temporarily or permanently you will be covered by this kind of insurance.

Woolworths pays out your total outstanding balance on your card if you die, incur permanent disability or have a critical illness. In the event that you are temporarily out of action or you lose your job, Woolworths Financial Services will pay your installments for six months, starting from the day of disablement or when you lose your job.

Woolworths Life Cover

If you hold the above mentioned Balance Protection cover with Woolworths Financial Services, for under R10 a month you can also get a death benefit. Should you die then Woolworths will pay out a lump sum of R10 000 to your beneficiary or next of kin to help them pay unforeseen bills. This can include anything from funeral services to children’s school fees. It is up to the beneficiary to decide how to use the money.

Woolworths Financial Service Cash Loans

When you are buying products with you Woolworths card you are really just making a loan from Woolworths Financial Services. Recognising that this is really just a loan, Woolworths has made Woolworths loans available in the form of cash. This means that Woolworths makes cash loans without you buying anything at the store. You can use this cash for anything you like. Apply and get an answer, and the cash, in 48 hours.

You don’t have to pay the cash loan back fast. You can pay back the cash loan in as much as five years (60 months). What’s more, once you have paid off some of the loan you can re-borrow the money you have paid back. This is an affordable way to borrow money as the initiation fee is low and you don’t pay a penalty for paying the amount back early or making extra repayments.

Woolworths Financial Services contact details:

General enquiries : 0860 022 002  (Mon— Fri 8.30am  – 5.30pm, Sat 8.30am – 5 pm, Sun and public holidays 9am – 1pm)

Fax: (021) 407 3995

Email: custserv@woolworths.co.za

International calls: +27 21 407 7002

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