Standard Bank Life Insurance

Most people invest in life insurance simply so that their family doesn’t suffer financially when they’re any longer around. Life insurance is relatively cheap, but the best part is knowing that money will be available for your family to protect them from financial devastation. A leading bank that offers life insurance will surely meet all you needs with standard bank life insurance.

Certainly, if your loved ones have been depending on your financial support for their livelihood, you’ll want life to continue in a similar vein for them when you’re gone.

You can buy life insurance and name your family as beneficiaries. It’s a super way to ensure a stable financial future. And apart from providing income to cover everyday living expenses, it will also cover outstanding debts such as credit cards and the mortgage.

standard bank life insuranceWhen you buy life insurance, you want to know that it comes from a leading bank. One that millions of South African trust. Standard Bank is like that, and they have been providing insurance to South Africans for more than 150 years.



What you get with standard bank life insurance

Let’s look what you get with life insurance from Standard Bank –

  • A tax-free lump sum payout of up to R10 million. This amount goes to your selected beneficiaries
  • save time and money because with Standard Bank’s direct life insurance services; you can take out Life Cover directly.
  • R1 million life insurance from as little as R128 pm
  • the amount of cover you get depends on many factors – your monthly premium as well as your individual risk profile
  • With Standard Bank life cover you can add beneficiaries whenever you wish. Standard Bank will send their nurses to you to have free blood tests done if it is done within the first 90 days of taking out the policy
  • you can increase your cover at any time with Standard Bank’s Life Cover
  • some key features of this life insurance include –
    – Tax-free payout of up to R10,000,000
    – unlimited beneficiaries
    – Direct application process


A real life policy from a reputable source can be a good buy. Some people will need life insurance more than others. It’s an essential purchase for those people who have young children who depend on your earnings.

If for instance, you are the sole breadwinner, without your salary coming in, where is the money going to come from to pay the mortgage, school fees and all those expenses that mount up?

With Standard Bank life insurance, you can be sure that your death won’t have a terrible effect on your family. So that they are all strewn asunder into chaos when you’re no longer there to bring in a monthly income

If you need your questions on life insurance answered you could call Standard Bank on 0860 225 534 or 0860 225 533.


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