1st for Women Insurance

South Africa has insurance websites that cater specifically to a female audience. One of these is 1st for Women They offer insurance quotes and benefits that are tailor-made for women. Women need life insurance cover just as much as men do and this is particularly true if she has children.

Traditionally women have left insurance and quotes to their spouse but family structures are changing and this means that more women need to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for themselves and their family. Increasingly women are contributing financially to the security of the household and so it’s essential that insurance companies provide cover for them.

Women need insurance too!

In the past, many young women have felt that could not afford the costs of insurance but that trend is changing as more and more young women sign up for life insurance policies.

Women need life insurance irrespective of whether they are married or single and whether they have c

1st for Women

hildren or not. They have historically been under-insured in all aspects including life insurance. As women strive for gender equality in South Africa, insurance is the one area where they are slowly getting the insurance cover that they deserve.

To get the most out of your insurance you need to choose the appropriate cover for your life stage, whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a young, single worker. You need to review your policy regularly and keep informed about updates in the industry.

Compare your insurance quote from each different insurer to make certain you’re receiving the best policies available. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative to getting sound life insurance rates and this means you have to stop smoking, start eating healthier foods and begin exercising more. It’s also vital to go for regular check-ups so that you can manage your health.

Why 1st for Women

If you are planning on getting insurance then consider the following:

  • Statistically the average women will live longer than the average man. This would make the premium from your insurance company less than that of a man who was the same age and in the same circumstance.
  • The earlier you start with an insurance policy the less you’ll spend on monthly premiums.
  • According to research, women are also more cautious drivers which means that they have fewer high-speed accidents and this makes them lower insurance risks which ultimately reduces their premiums.

1st for Women

This insurer exclusively offers South African women quotes for insurance policies and it’s been in operation since 2003. In 2010 it won the Sunday Times Top Brand Award for the best short-term insurance brand. With 1st for Women you can phone them directly and within 20 minutes you’ll be covered.

Other benefits include:

  • No paperwork as the policy is prepared during the phone call
  • Up to R10 000 life cover
  • Cover is for your entire life
  • The facility to add 10 beneficiaries to your policy
  • A fixed premium rate for your initial two years
  • Life cover doesn’t decrease while your policy is active
  • Covers you immediately for accidental death
  • Pays cash up to R200 000 to a beneficiary in the event of death

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