Life Insurance for Women Explained

Life insurance for women is a must. Women need life insurance just as much as men – whether they are married or single. This is particularly true if they have children.

What would happen to your children if you did not have life insurance. It would be terrible enough for them trying to cope without you. But imagine them trying to do so without your income.

Recognising this, several insurance companies have sprung up catering for insurance for women only. In South Africa we have 1st for women insurance.

As a woman, in considering life insurance, you should bear the following factors in mind.

Facts about life insurance for women

* Because you are a woman you are likely, statistically, to live longer than the average man. This means that your monthly insurance premiums will be lower than a man of the same age and circumstances.

* The younger you take out life insurance, the lower your monthly premiums. For example your  insurance premiums will be a lot lower if you start in your 30s, or even your 20s, than it will be if you leave it until your 40s or 50s.

* Tragically, if you fall seriously ill before you take out insurance, you will be most unlikely to be able to get any life insurance at all.

Life Insurance for WomenLife insurance for women: medical examinations

For men or women, most life insurance policies require you to take, and pass, a comprehensive medical examination. Take out the insurance now, while you are fit and healthy. You, and you family may never need it, but what if they did?

Yes, there are some life insurance for women policies that do not require you to take or pass a medical. But there is a catch. Somewhere, in the small print, will be a clause to the effect that the policy does not cover policyholders affected by various pre-existing conditions. In other words, if you had ithe ailment before the policy, and you die from it, they won’t pay out.

Women’s life insurance

Historically women have been underinsured in many areas of insurance and even now, when our contribution to society equals that of men’s, women still do not have the insurance they deserve.

Two income families often rely on equal contributions from both partners to ensure the economic running of the household and, if the woman’s contribution was to suddenly stop due to an unexpected death, the financial implications would be no different than if the man was no longer around to contribute.

This is why women’s insurance companies are beginning to improve the insurance policies that are available to women so that in the event of a tragic loss their bond is paid out, their children education is taken care of and financially the family can carry on.

Single women and life insurance

Life insurance is not only necessary for those women who have responsibilities to their family to consider. As from your current obligations, what if later you decide to marry and have a family, then your life insurance would be there to protect your family or to provide a secure retirement for yourself.

Whatever your circumstances, now that women’s insurance is becoming more available at better rates with improved coverage, you can choose the best option to insure your life and the future of your family (or future family).

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