The Professional Provident Society PPS life plan for rocket scientists.

The Professional Provident Society PPS caters to graduate professionals such as doctors, dentists, advocates, surgeons, scientists and more.

Professionals who have graduated with a four-year degree or a degree such as a Doctorate, Honours or Masters degrees are all eligible.

Fourth-year students studying for a PPS entitled profession may also apply for a  life insurance policy.

The Professional Provident Society PPS life plan

The PPS life provider is not only there to give financial aid to your family after you die. The plan also ensures your children of a higher education as well as paying any outstanding debts.

Features of the Professional Provident Society PPS life plan that can provide for your entire family

Professional provident society pps

There are different premium levels for small budgets if you are unable to afford high payments. Age-related premiums or Level premium rates take into account gender, and whether you are a smoker or not.

You can decide between the whole life which covers you for life and Term life where there is a fixed expiry date. If you initially choose Term life and then decide you prefer Whole life, you can change whenever you want.

When buying a home and you need security for a loan, you can cede your life policy as a whole, or in part, to the third party that lends you the money.

Any amount of cover can be acquired subject to financial underwriting. Your life cover remains yours even when you change your occupation. Get free Life Insurance quotes online.

Other added benefits from Professional Provident Society PPS

Together with all these features, a Terminal Illness benefit and Immediate Needs benefit get included with your policy at no extra cost.

  • Terminal Illness – the benefit pays an advance of 50% of your life cover if your life expectancy changes to less than 12 months. The other 50% on death.
  • Immediate needs – is there to assist with costs arising after your death. Your family receive R50 000 within two working days of producing the death certificate. The cover eases the pressure of paying for the funeral and other costs.

Apart from these features, there are other optional plans to cement your policy even further.

  • Disability benefit
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Accelerated health benefit


Benefits like these are what make South Africa insurance so great and why so many professionals turn to the Professional Provident Society PPS.

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