Personal Life Insurance from Sanlam

If you have people depending on you for a roof over their heads, life insurance becomes highly desirable. The whole purpose of life insurance is to provide those relying on you with financial protection after your death. Here we will have a look at personal life insurance from Sanlam.

Sanlam, established in 1918, and a leading financial services group in South Africa, knows that life happens. And they offer a broad range of comprehensive insurance products. All aimed at ensuring your financial responsibilities are well taken care of.

Sanlam Makes your Financial Life Easier

Not all life insurance is the same, and the amount you pay each month will depend on things such as your risk profile and your age. In fact, when you take out life insurance with Sanlam. There will be different kinds of underwriting such as lifestyle questions as well as medical tests.

Personal Life Insurance From SanlamExpress cover for instance with Sanlam offers a simplified underwriting process at competitive rates and where you can get cover up to R5 million and which requires no medical tests. Then again there is Matrix cover which involves traditional underwriting and which could include medical underwriting requirements such as a medical examination and blood tests. It, therefore, offers a larger selection of benefits together with higher levels of cover.


Leaders and Experts in Life Insurance – Personal Life Insurance from Sanlam

You’ll want to carefully look at your financial situation and then think about the standard of living you’ll want for your dependents when you’re no longer there bringing in a salary each month. Expert Sanlam life insurance consultants will assess your financial needs and advise you on the kind of life insurance most suitable to your surviving family.

The reason for this is that there are different life insurance products such as term life or whole life. You’ve got to think about personal life insurance in terms of your lifestyle, the purchase of a house, marriage, children, divorce.

With this life insurance cover from Sanlam, you simply make your monthly payments, and when you die, the beneficiaries you nominated will receive a certain sum of money which is tax-free. The pay-out will depend on the specific plan selected.

There are so many benefits of life insurance that can help your family when you are no longer there. This life insurance can take care of –

  • Day to day living expenses
  • Repaying of outstanding debt
  • Funeral costs
  • All costs linked to the administration of your estate
  • If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, and life expectancy is less than a year, a one-off payment which is tax-free is made


Help for Future Stormy Days – Personal Life Insurance from Sanlam

What life insurance do you need to leave your survivors well taken care of? Sanlam has an online insurance quote tool which allows you to know how much life insurance you will roughly need. If you want to make sure your loved ones will be left well cared for when you’re gone, why not get hold of their Client Care Centre where you can get sound advice from a financial planner? You can also fill in their enquiry form and Sanlam will get back to you.


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