Life Assurance from Hollard

Many young South Africans are without work now than at any other time. South Africa’s tough economy is affecting young adults in a number of ways. Influencing their decisions about whether to marry. Whether to have children. Or whether to buy a home and whether to buy more insurance. Here we will have a look at life assurance from Hollard.

Life insurance is important in a stormy economy as it ensures that those people who depend on you will have money to continue with life. They’ll be able to continue with an education. Continue to have medical aid, and cover their outstanding debts and simply have financial strain removed.

The amount of cover you opt for will vary from person to person but common expenses are mortgage and continued education. In the event of your death, Hollard will pay the benefits out to your nominated beneficiaries.

Each policy applicant nominates beneficiaries and if the applicant doesn’t nominate a beneficiary, the funds are distributed to their estate.

No Financial Hardship for your Beneficiaries

Life Assurance from HollardThe loss of your income could result in financial hardship for your remaining family members. They may have to move to a smaller, less expensive home or maybe even into a caravan. Your spouse might have to put off surgery for a life-threatening illness or your children may have to give up their ideas of going to university next year.

Hollard offers life insurance. They are South Africa’s biggest insurance group which is privately owned. They were established in 1980, providing short-term and life insurance to their customers.

When choosing something as important as life insurance, you want to make sure your insurer has a proven record of quality services. An expert broker at Hollard can help you choose the right level of life cover and at the right price.

Hollard is leading providers of life insurance and as an authorised financial services provider, they offer affordable flexible life cover solutions.

Hollard’s Life Insurance – Life Assurance from Hollard

  • There is no need for a medical examination
  • you receive a 20% cash-back after 5 years
  • with life cover, you receive an extra 30% cover free of charge if you’ve had an HIV test which proved negative in the past 12 months.
  • you get a terminal illness benefit which allows you to claim 100% of your life cover in advance. This applies to those whose terminal illness means less than a year to live
  • Interim accident benefit of up to R500 000. This cover for accidental death comes into effect the moment you apply for it.
  • If you’re a smoker wishing to quit soon, you can get a 10% discount on your premiums.


Did you know that with life assurance from Hollard, you can get life cover through a broker that includes cover for people who are HIV positive? With Hollard my life & more you get live coverage for you and for your spouse up to R450 000. There is much more and you get funeral cover, house contents cover, an accidental death income benefit, retrenchment cover. Or you can also get life cover where they pay money over a longer period of time.

Hollard believes that your dependents deserve the best when you pass away. With life assurance from Hollard, you have peace of mind knowing that your beneficiaries will enjoy security and comfort in a future without you in it because you carefully made provision for them with a reputable insurance group with a tried and tested track record.

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