Sanlam Review of All Reviews Show That Sanlam is a Life Insurance Leader

What will you glean from a Sanlam review?

  1. You’ll discover that Sanlam has a solid record of longevity – established in 1918
  2. They’ve got a number of plans available
  3. Plans cater for everything from home insurance to funeral cover to medical gap cover
  4. They’re an award-winning insurer
  5. They receive compliments from clients but also many complaints – you have to research and make up your own mind

If you are a professional, you no doubt have family members relying on you for some kind of financial stability. They probably never give another thought to what will happen to them when you, the breadwinner, have died.

With some kind of financial plan in place from Sanlam, they’ll be able to pay for your funeral. And they will have provision for financial assistance in the future.

How it Works with Sanlam

Sanlam started up in 1918. It is a South African financial services group providing financial solutions to individual and institutional clients.

With Sanlam, you make regular payments each month. Then, when you die, your beneficiaries receive a pay-out to the value of your cover. The cost of the insurance will depend on things such as your age and your risk profile.

Importantly, Sanlam have taken time to understand your needs and they want to ensure that your income is protected from illness or injury. They’ve got a number of plans which are suitable for your personal needs.

Sanlam Review – Life Happens – and with Sanlam You’re Okay

Sanlam believes that life happens and that their wide range of insurance products will help you take care of your financial responsibilities to your family when you aren’t able to. Some of their products include life insurance, funeral cover and income protection cover. They also offer disability cover, severe illness cover, medical cover, gap cover as well as short term insurance where you can ensure your personal belongings with house contents insurance.

Internal Ombudsman and Compliments/Complaints Page

As a life insurer, Sanlam knows that there are always going to be customers complaining or complimenting and wanting answers to their questions. To this end they appointed their own  internal ombudsman a number of years ago. In addition, you while find many a Sanlam review online.

Yes, they also have their compliments and complaints page, inviting people to tell them what they think about their services. You give them your personal details and tell them how you want your problem resolved.

Sanlam ReviewThey try to rectify the problem fairly, but if the complaint isn’t resolved it is referred to the Sanlam Arbitrator, an impartial person who settles disputes between Sanlam and disgruntled clients. And if the Sanlam Arbitrator’s services aren’t satisfying, you can call the Ombudsman can be at 0860 662837.

If you’re looking for information about how customers feel about Sanlam, you’ll see that there are customers on Hello Peter, South Africa’s top review company, who say that Sanlam offers ‘putrid services’  and they are ‘extremely disappointed’ in the insurer.

In fairness, if you look carefully at every Sanlam review, you’ll find some compliments for Sanlam among the criticisms. Apart from Hello Peter, there is all BS-SA or Bad Service South Africa where disgusted customers air their views on their feelings for Sanlam.

Have Someone Explain

If you’re looking for insurance and you’ve conducted a thorough insurance review and you’re still not sure, call a Sanlam agent and have them take you through each feature, explaining everything so that you can make an informed decision.

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