A New Year for Your Financial Situation

As we approach the end of the year, most of us also start planning for the year ahead. Remember to look at income protection cover?

The New Year brings with it the opportunity to review things and create change in one’s life. It is often the ideal time for people to revise their financial and insurance policies. They should ensure they are adequately covered and prepared for any eventuality that the New Year will bring.

FMI is a leading financial service provider specialising in income protection cover. FMI believes that a person’s greatest asset is their ability to earn a monthly income. And there is no better way to protect this than with an insurance product offering a combination of lump sum and monthly income benefits. These benefits should be for long term or temporary disability, critical illness and death.

Income Protection Cover Protects Your Medical Aid

Take for example your medical aid. It covers the doctor and hospital bills when you get sick. But how would you pay the premiums if you were too ill to work and earn an income?

Income Protection Insurance

Many people make sure they have medical aid and sometimes even gap cover to pay their medical bills if they get sick. However, they often don’t consider the bigger financial impact of not being able to work due to injury or illness, and therefore the impact of not earning an income – the monthly ongoing costs and servicing debt, or costly lifestyle changes when adapting to living with a long-term illness or injury.

Even a short interruption can have devastating consequences to your finances and most Disability and Dreaded Disease products don’t cover for temporary interruptions in income but for permanent and catastrophic eventualities.

That’s why it’s important, at this time of year, when you’re reviewing your medical aid options, to also remember and consider the importance of income cover.


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