Does Your age Affect life Insurance premiums?

Medical history, lifestyle and age all play major roles in assessing life insurance cover. Here we will look at the best life insurance age.

It is the age of the applicant that is the most critical factor in establishing payout benefits and monthly premiums.

The older the applicant, the higher the premium, is the yardstick consumers can use when deciding to purchase life insurance.

What is The best Life insurance Age?

The reasoning behind this guideline is that the older one is, the fewer years one has left to live.

Older people are high-risk clients as they are more likely to contract age-related illnesses that can result in death. Younger people guarantee insurance companies monthly payments of premiums for much longer than older applicants.

Life insurance ageDriven by this premise, insurance companies will grant a 25-year-old a R1 million life cover policy for about R120 a month, whereas the same value policy will cost a 50-year-old more than double that amount at about R300 a month.

Things are Not what they Seem however

A shadow of doubt has been cast across the young versus old theory because of the changing face of South Africa.

The increasing rate of violence among the youth, combined with the acceleration in alcohol abuse and drug addiction, has seen higher mortality rates in people under the age of 50 years than previous years.

Nevertheless, age still Matters – for now

Despite a higher mortality rate among younger people, the adage that “age matters” remains unchanged. Younger applicants still pay less money on monthly premiums for life insurance cover.

While anyone, of any age, can take out life insurance, the younger person will save a lot more in premiums compared with older people.

Important factors

  • Medical history – a clean bill of health plays a major role in cheaper monthly premiums
  • Age – life insurance has no age limits, but monthly premiums escalate for older people
  • Lifestyle – smokers and drinkers will pay a financial penalty regarding monthly premiums for life cover and could even be rejected by insurance companies



Life insurance is a relatively low-cost outlay that is an essential monthly expense. Not only does it buy peace of mind. Policyholders can sleep easy knowing that, at death, his/her family will have financial coverage.

The younger one starts, the less one pays for life cover. However, life insurance has no age restrictions so even people over 70 years can apply for cover.

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