Ways to Choose a Life Insurance Firm

What life insurance firm are you looking for?

There are many very good firms selling cover that you could choose. However, you must first look at what you need.

Are you single or do you have a family? Then, what can you afford?

What Life Insurance firm Do I need?

Here’s a checklist of some of the points you should ask:

  • Product – Does the insurer offer a wide range of life cover policies and benefits?
  • Long-term financial viability – Look for an insurer who has a solid history of solvency.
  • Market ethics – When marketing their products, do they conduct their promotions ethically?
  • Service and advice – Only seek advice from reputable channels, and don’t be afraid to ask about anything you do not understand.
  • Claims – Paid claims versus number of claims lodged is a good place to start your investigations
  • Cost – Does the amount you will pay for life cover meet the average industry cost (given your age, policy type and benefits)?

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All info was correct at time of publishing