Severe Illness Benefit from Discovery Life

Severe illness could strike at any time. And diseases like cancer, urogenital tract and kidney problems or stroke can have a major impact on a person’s lifestyle. But without a medical aid, the costs of treatment could strike terror in your heart. Importantly, the Severe Illness Benefit from Discovery Life gives all the reassurance you need to be prepared for these unfortunate events.

Two Discovery Life Severe Illness Benefit Options

  • Standard Severe Illness Benefit This option is based on the severity of the illness at the time of the claim.
  • In addition, LifeTime Severe Illness Benefit This is based on the severity of the illness at the time of the claim, as well as the lifetime impact of your illness.


Impact Factors

– Duration of Illness 

– The expected time to recover

– The reduction in life expectancy

Medical Treatment

– The invasiveness of surgery

– Pharmacological risk and associated side-effects

– Therapy and rehabilitation


Severe Illness Benefit from Discovery Life

Assisted care and devices 

– For example home-nursing and rehabilitation
– Financial implications such as a decrease in your financial status
– And the number of dependants you have at the time of your claim

These impact factors impact the category of your illness on a scale of 1-8. And this in turn results in you receiving an Impact Booster to your cover of between 100 – 200%. Significantly, the Impact Booster only applies to Illnesses of severity A-D.

Various Severity Levels:

– Severity levels have been set to reflect the financial impact of the illness on your lifestyle.

– Severity levels are graded A – G, with A being 100% and G 5%

For instance –

Stage 4 Lung cancer
– Severity Level A – 100% (Severity of illness)
– Impact Level 5 (The category of your Lifestyle Impact)
– Impact Booster – 145% (Dependant on your Impact Level)
– Additionally pays out a lump sum of 145% of your actual cover

Medium Stroke 

– Severity Level B – 75%
– Impact Level 5
– Impact Booster 145%
– Pays out a lump sum of 109% of your actual cover

Some Severe Illness Benefits from Discovery

  • The extensive plans offer maximum flexibility
  • Multiple claims can be submitted for related and other non-related events, and you will always be covered.
  • Automatic Child and Parent Severe Illness benefit at no extra cost
  • Global Treatment Benefit up to a maximum of 180% of insured amount
  • In addition, the Severe Illness Benefit Extender, and A Benefit Booster, make your cover the highest level in the market.


Optional additional severe illness benefits include –


  • Family Trauma Benefit
  • Female benefit
  • Childbirth benefit, including congenital defects
  • Additional Child and Parent Cover
  • Also a premium waiver benefit which only applies to Severity A


Think of the lifetime costs of between R500 000 and R1 000 000 for a severe stroke. That’s horrific. Importantly, your medical aid may well cover most of the in-hospital treatment, but the rest of the lifetime care will come from your savings. So wouldn’t it be far better to know there is a lump sum payment to you as a qualifying member of Discovery Health?

Therefore Discovery Life Severe Illness Cover makes up shortfalls, and this is worth serious consideration.

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