Life Insurance Application from Outsurance

In the event of getting a cover for your life, there are various options among the numerous companies. Do not let that send you into hiding away from insurers. Insuring your life is a decision that benefits more than just one person. This is why it is a venture you should invest in. So in this article, we look at a life insurance application from Outsurance


A life cover is not “just another expense” per month. It is also a financial investment that will provide you with some peace of mind, in the event of an unexpected misfortune. In the present it may take money, but with that comes the assurance that things will financially be provided for in the future.


Life Insurance ApplicationOutsurance is one of the companies that provide the service of covering your life. So this will cost you a monthly financial investment that will grow over time. Once they approve your request for life cover, you will have cover.


Life Insurance Application

The three areas that you can receive cover in comprise of:

Passing away

Get cover for the day you pass away.

There are two possible coverage choices to select from:

  • An all-inclusive one – which covers any cause of death, whether it was a misfortune or an incurable sickness; and
  • A limited version – which covers only death. Which was an unfortunate mishap, if it happened in a violent manner or through exterior means.


A life-threatening condition

Get coverage if you should develop a life-threatening condition.

The two selections you are given is:

  • A wide-ranging one – that insures to compensate you in the event of you developing any of their 40 severe disorders.
  • A basic version – that insures compensating you if you develop any of the 27 serious conditions on their list.


Being disabled

Get insured for coverage in the unfortunate event of being left disabled.

You have a choice between two optional insuring packages:

  • A specified profession one – where you will have cover for any negative health occurrence that disqualifies you from continuing in your job;
  • A detail and alternative profession version – where you will have cover for the possibility of you contracting or experiencing any health misfortune consequential to any profession you find yourself in.


There is also the option of getting insurance for all three of the previous areas.

Also, you can speak to one of the Outsurance agents, to discuss what will suit you and your family’s needs the best.

And they will help you with your life insurance application.

So in each of these areas, you have the choice in how long the period should be that you would like to have insurance.

You should not be younger than 18 years or older than 65.


The benefits of Outsurance’ Life Coverage, without any added costs, consists of:

  • Your monthly rates remaining unchanged for five consecutive years;
  • You receiving a pay-out, if they did not get any claims from you;
  • A nurse that can come to your personal address, to take any blood samples that may be necessary.


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