Top Disability Cover from OUTsurance

What a nightmare it when an injury or illness leaves you disabled and unable to work. Visions of sitting on a mat and begging for money is enough to make anyone spring into action. Top disability cover is imperative if you want to have some kind of a normal lifestyle in the future. In South Africa, if you incur a disability, you would be lucky to get a ridiculously inadequate State grant. The amount would be just enough to buy a few groceries on a Friday afternoon for a couple of weekends…

Disability Cover from OUTsurance – Make Sure you Get Something Worthwhile Out

You can see why its important to get proper disability insurance. OUTsurance emerged in 1998, and as an approved financial services provider, they offer various insurances to South Africans, promising them that they’re ‘always going to get something OUT’. They take the time to ensure that their customers get the best products there are and that they will also pay significantly less for them.

Top Disability Cover

OUTsurance provide their customers with a online life insurance calculator where you can work out how much disability cover you’ll need to maintain your standard of living. You can always call them on 08 600 60 000 for any assistance you require as well. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get from OUTsurance and their disability cover.

  • Cover is for anyone between the ages of 18 and 60.
  • You’ve got plenty of options –
    – keep your premium and amount you are insured for the same throughout your cover period
    – increase your premium each year as well as the insured amount every year
    – keep the insured amount fixed, but increase your premium
  • Let OUTsurance know which time period you need cover for – 5 years, 25 years or longer?


The Price for Top Disability Cover from OUTsurance

The amount that you choose to be insured for will be paid out by OUTsurance as soon as you become disabled to such an extend that your condition is looked upon as untreatable and beyond a cure.   You will also need to be medically certified according to their Chief medical officer.

The way OUTsurance works is that you’ve got a say about the products you want added to your life insurance portfolio. In fact, the biggest choice applies to critical illness- and disability. This means that you can choose a combination that will work best for your unique circumstances. Their disability cover is structured into 2 groups –  free standing or accelerated.

  • Free standing – death- disability- and critical illness cover are independent of each other. If you claim on disability for instance, it won’t affect the sum of the other benefits.
  • Accelerated structure – death cover is compulsory. A claim on disability for instance will have an effect on your death cover by either cancelling or reducing the death sum.


Make Sure you Get the Full Value of your Policy

Make sure your top disability cover is linked to inflation, because whether you claim today or in 10 years time, you want to get the full value of your policy. With OUTsurance, their fully underwritten life insurance product come with a variety of options with inflationary increases to ensure your standard of living continues, regardless of what life dishes out to you.


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All info was correct at time of publishing