Heart Disease and Life Cover – Life Insurance Quotes

Heart disease encompasses quite a few heart conditions. These include hypertension and congestive heart disease that can be inherited or be the result of poor lifestyle habits. South Africa carries a huge disease burden. Heart disease and life cover are therefore close companions.

Not only does it have the most people in the world living with HIV, but a growing number of people have lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Chronic conditions such as high cholesterol are one of the conditions that medical aids pay out the most on. An unbelievable 8.6 million women die annually from cardiovascular disease around the world. This is according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa

Heart Disease and Life Cover – A Number One Killer

Cardiovascular disease is South Africa’s number one killer as it includes stroke. A stroke occurs when one of the blood vessels bringing oxygen and nutrients to the brain bursts. Thousands upon thousands of males and females die from cardiovascular disease each year in South Africa and the costs related to deaths from heart disease Heart Disease and Life Coveramount to millions of Rands.

What do medical aids say about heart disease, which is caused from physical inactivity, raised serum cholesterol, hypertension and smoking? Can you get insurance if you have heart disease? Discovery Health’s Vitality members for instance can take advantage of several programmes which support individual health needs.

One of these is their 48-week ‘Healthy Heart’ Programme. Here people have access to regular screenings and check ups. And they can visit a biokineticist and follow a fitness schedule and also visit a dietitician during the year.

Heart Disease and Life Cover – Each Medical Aid offers Different Heart Disease Programmes

You can get cover for your heart disease for any of the different medical aids but the insurer may require you to pay a higher premium than the average person. The amount you pay each month will be dependent on how severe your heart disease is. Once your heart doctor has submitted the diagnosis to a medical scheme, the member qualifies for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) if the condition is diagnosed. You have to do your research because there are medical aid providers who actually exceed the PMBs for cardiac failure. The basic diagnosis, treatment and medical management of heart disease is covered by all medical aid schemes to a lesser or bigger degree.

If you have heart disease or you are an older person, upgrade your medical aid to a more  comprehensive plan. Be on a good plan before any serious illness such as heart disease strikes. Look ahead and assess how much cover you’re likely to need and get advice on your heart disease so that you can choose the right medical scheme and plan for your specific needs.

Heart Disease and Life Cover – Changeable Risk Factors

Every medical aid in South Africa has information on their websites encouraging South Africans to take a good look at their health and their lifestyles which are often sedentary. Every medical aid in South Africa encourages its members to make positive changes to their diet, their smoking habits and their lack of exercise so that you aren’t only securing your financial future, but also your health.


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