Severe Illness Insurance from Old Mutual

It can seem like the end of the world when the doctor reveals to you that you have a critical illness.
Diseases such as stroke or cancer can strike at any time. So it will mean lots of time off from work. Lots of doctor’s appointments, maybe hospital treatment for months and it will mean massive medical bills. So you might need Severe Illness Insurance when a problem comes.

Severe Illness strikes even the Young

Did you know that in South Africa, one in three men and one in four women will have cardiovascular disease? Not when they reach 80, but before they reach the age of 60. There is one heart attack every 8 minutes in South Africa. And Severe Illness Insuranceabout 400,000 South Africans are affected by a stroke.

It is quite frightening to realise that 25% of all strokes occur in people under the age of 45. And that even children can get it.
Severe illness insurance is where the insurer pays for the policyholder if they have a severe illness.

There are alternative forms of critical illness insurance. Some of them pay the health providers for the treatment costs of critical illnesses.

Severe Illness Insurance from a Safe Source

Also, people appreciate getting critical illness insurance from Old Mutual. They know they’re getting investments, savings, life assurance, banking and asset management among others from a reliable and trusted name in South Africa.

So Old Mutual’s Essential Severe Illness Plus and their Essential Severe Illness Benefit is affordable, covering  68 severe illnesses and nine diseases which have been diagnosed early. Seven of these are cancers.

Greenlight applies the industry definitions for what is known as the ‘big 4’ diseases – stroke, heart attack, cancer and coronary artery bypass graft. So submitted severe illness claims account for between 70- and 90% of all critical disease claims. Go online and get free Life Insurance quotes.

We look at some of Old Mutual’s other severe disease features –

  • With Essential Severe Illness PLUS, you can claim several times for illnesses. With the full payout for similar illnesses limit to 100%.
  • The Essential Severe Illness Benefit pays between 25% to 100% for 68 severe illnesses.
  • GreenLight  Essential Severe Illness Benefit is available to certain HIV-positive customers
  • the Greenlight Severe Illness Benefit covers you against a wide range of diseases.


Choose your severe illness cover –

– Elite Severe Illness Benefit – Covers 68 serious illnesses, 16 mild illnesses,  nine prior-diagnosed illnesses and 29 child severe illnesses.
– Premium Severe Illness Benefit – Greenlight’s stand-alone and accelerator benefits cover 68 severe illnesses and nine illnesses.
– Essential Severe Illness Benefits -affordable independent and accelerated benefits – where the policyholder receives benefits before death. … Insurers offer anywhere from 25% to 100% of the death benefit as an early payment.

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Old Mutual Lightens the Impact of a Dread Disease

So customers will receive an annual statement which lays out the details of their plan. They allow Old Mutual to care for the financial side of things when one of these dread diseases threatens them with poverty due to massive medical bills and loss of income.

All info was correct at time of publishing