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People don’t like insurance, full stop. They don’t like paying for something that isn’t tangible. It’s only when something unbearable happens that they look at it in a new light. If the breadwinner in your home dies, where is the money going to come from to continue with the lifestyle you’ve been living. That is why people take out life insurance. So consider Outsurance Life Insurance for all your insurance needs.


Outsurance Life Insurance – doing it Differently


South Africa has many life insurance providers, but OutSurance tells people that they do life inOutsurance Life Insurancesurance differently. They give you cover if you need it and your premiums
back if you don’t. That is one of the reasons why OutSurance is not far from having some 100 000 South Africans who turn to them for insurance.
With their death cover products, if you have comprehensive death cover, you qualify for the terminal illness benefit. This is where 50% of the amount OUTsured is paid out to you when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you have less than 12 months to live. The balance is then paid out when you die.

These people also make use of OutSurance’s insurance calculator. It’s a useful guide in figuring out how much cover will best suit your needs. It will give you an estimate of how much death cover you need for your loved ones to maintain their lifestyle.

You’re always a Winner

This is especially true when you consider their provocative slogan ‘you always get something out’.

They have sophisticated underwriting systems, and the premiums of members are calculated according to a client’s unique risk profile. This means that with Outsurance you’re going to pay far less than to other insurance companies, AND you’re still going to get the most benefits out as well.

The Famous 100% OutBonus

One of the big drawcards with OutSurance is their 100% OUTbonus. This Life OUTbonus applies to all life insurance products. If you want to chat to someone and get more information, you can talk to one of the life insurance consultants and call them on 08 600 60 000.

So if you include the optional 100% OUTbonus with your life cover, you’ll get all your life insurance premiums back in the form of cash. This is after 15 consecutive years of not claiming.

Unfortunately, if you claim within the first 15 years of the policy, clients won’t benefit from this wonderful OUTbonus.

So all life insurance requires that you do undergo a medical test and Outsurance tries to make things easier for their clients. They may request you to visit a medical laboratory to undergo standard medical tests. You don’t even have to make an appointment – you just have to present your ID document as proof of identification.

Quality of Note

So get a quote for life insurance from Outsurance Life Insurance. Why not? After all, they’re insurers of note – you get a free funeral benefit, the 100% OUTbonus, death, disability and critical illness cover and no waiting periods. Outsurance really is worth your consideration.

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All info was correct at time of publishing