Prime Meridian Affordable Life Insurance

In spite of life insurance being a grudge purchase, there are many good reasons why people buy life insurance. The biggest reason, of course, is that it replaces lost income when the breadwinner dies. Prime Meridian offers affordable life cover.

The cash proceeds from life insurance will go to carefully selected beneficiaries. The truth is, life insurance is cheaper than many other insurances. Most life insurance companies provide you with an online form on their website that takes a mere minute or two to fill in the details.


Know the Differences

There are different types of life insurance such as Prime Meridianwhole life, universal life, and term life insurance. What kind of life insurance suits you? Perhaps in the busy, financially demanding 21st century, it is the more affordable term life insurance that is, a more popular type of cover.
Once you’ve decided on the amount of coverage you want to buy, you can shop around for competitive premium rates. Life insurance requires that a person pays a sum to the insurer each month in exchange for a payout when the primary member dies.

Buying from a Well-Established Source

Prime Meridian is a reputable and well-established insurance company and part of am established financial services group. It was in 2009 that they saw the need for affordable motor insurance in South. Since 2009 however, their product range has developed so that they suit many clients, different needs, and different budgets.

Prime Meridian

They offer both short- and long-term insurance products, offering appropriate and affordable insurance to the South African community. Prime Meridian has a reputation for putting their client’s first. Let’s see what they offer –

  • cheap life insurance –  their Prime Living Legacy starts from R140 a month while their Prime Living CoverGrow starts at R449 a month
  • Prime Living Legacy, for instance, comes with optional benefits such as Extended Family Protection, Retrenchment Protection as well as an Honourable Unveiling Benefit where you get a R10 000 tombstone allowance
  • you get seven plans with the Prime Living Clover grow Plan
  • with the Prime Living CoverGrow Plan, the Family Plan allows you to include a spouse and up to two dependent children
  • Additional benefits with CoverGrow Plan include automatic terminal illness benefit that pays 75% of the accumulated Growing Benefit Amount (GBA) upon diagnosis.
  • they offer next generation Personal insurance products
  • with Prime Living CoverGrow products, your age doesn’t count against you
  • standardised rates remain fixed throughout the duration of the policy
  • pre-existing conditions will not count against you.


Call Prime Meridian on 011 745 7800 or send an email to You’ll be able to look at what they can do for you. And soon you’ll be wonder how you ever got bu without a life insurance policy from Prime Meridian.

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