Why Metropolitan Life is So Popular

If you are looking to create an investment portfolio to secure your financial future there are certain companies worth investing in. Metropolitan Life is one of the major players in the South African insurance sector. Since 1979 it has been one of the most important financial services organisations in South Africa.

Life insurance quotes area useful tool to help you understand what your outgoings would be with a policy. They are important because they can help you compare between organisations and choose the policy that is best for you. Get a quote by going online to get a quote by fax or by phone and talking with an advisor directly.

Different Types of Insurance Policies from Metropolitan Life

If you are looking to buy insurance cover for yourself you need to decide what type of cover that you are looking for and what benefits you would like. Do you want cover that provides your family a lump sum should you die or is Why Metropolitan Lifea policy with a disability option more important to you?

Kinds of insurance policies

Metropolitan Life provides a range of insurance cover that includes:

Life Cover

There are three separate types of life plans in exitence. Firstly, cover for accidental death paying out should you die in an accident. Life cover all causes decreasing provides insurance to work alongside a mortgage loan, paying enough to meet mortgage liabilities should you die and finally life cover all causes paying a lump sum no matter what the cause of your death.

Disability Cover

There are two separate type of cover available. Occupational disability covers you should you be unable to work because you have been disabled. The second type is Metropolitan Life Logocomprehensive disability cover, providing cover for occupational disability and also includes cover for physical impairment.

Lifestyle Adjustment Cover

There are five plans to choose from with this type of cover. Physical impairment, actual cover pays when an accident results in you being impaired. Physical impairment all causes pays a benefit whatever the cause of the impairment, accidental or otherwise. Functional impairment provides cover for a range of physical impairments and critical illness core covers against contracting one of four specific illnesses. Finally, critical illness comprehensive pays out against a list of illnesses defined as part of the policy.

Premium Protection Benefits

Two types of benefits designed to relieve the cost of premiums under special circumstances. First, disability premium waiver ensures premiums are maintained should the policy holder become disabled and unable to work while the second ensures premiums are waived until the end of the policy should the insured die.

Metropolitan Life Funeral Cover

Like many other insurance companies, Metropolitan also offers funeral cover as a benefit. Funeral cover pays a lump sum, to cover funeral expenses. Each insurer offers slightly different terms and benefits so you need to do your research to find the one most suitable for your needs.

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