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Platinum Life Insurance was set up during 2002. Since then it has successfully turned into a one stop shop for South Africans to source the best life insurance in the country.

It is a referrals only business and its policies are underwritten by two large insurance companies, Guardrisk and Momentum. Asa result, Platinum Life insurance advisors are well placed to help you choose from the selection of products on offer and adapt them to meet your specific requirements.

As well as whole life cover, Platinum Life have also created some innovative products that are aimed specifically at the South African market. Of particular interest are the accidental disability cover and cancer insurance for women, marketed under the name Platinum Life Female Cancer Cover. Cervical and breast cancers are serious concerns for Platinum Life Insurance Informationwomen and Platinum Life’s products are important parts of the fight against the disease.

Being a referrals based organisation Platinum Life does not compete with the likes of insurance giants Discovery Life and Metropolitan Life. Think of it more as a “boutique” insurer – that is one that serves South Africans in a high tech way. It mainly does business via email and telephone. If you want a policy customised to your needs and lifestyle then Platinum Life is the insurer to talk to.

Platinum Life Insurance Information

Platinum Life describes itself as a business that provides insurance excellence. Its products and services are provided via quality telemarketing with an excellent follow up service. Adamant that they only work with referrals, you won’t see large advertising campaigns for Platinum Life. You can only become a customer if an existing customer refers you or you approach Platinum Life yourself.

This means that there is an immediate link between customer and insurer, as soon as the first contact is made. Clients are the top priority and the company places integrity at the heart of everything it does so clients can rely on risks being managed conservatively to the benefit of all clients.

Platinum Life South Africa

Don’t think that any of this means Platinum Life is a small organisation. It issues about 50,000 information and policy documents to clients every month.

Platinum Life firmly believe in social responsibility and nowhere is this better illustrated than in the case of their cancer related policies. A percentage of each premium charged is donated to a cancer charity CHOC showing how their business can be used to meet social needs.

When you are a cancer policy holder, and you are diagnosed with the illness, Platinum Life cover pays out in cash so the funds can be used by you to meet whatever you need feel is important. Your benefits are also tax free.

If you hold a Platinum Life policy you will also benefit from Money Back. This benefit sees you receive a cash return of 50% of your premiums when you reach 65, providing you have had the policy for 20 years or more. If you take a policy after 45 your Cash Back comes after 20 years and no medicals are required.

Finally, remember that more than 90 percent of Platinum Life insurance customers are so pleased with the service they offer written testimonials to say so.

Contact Details For Platinum Life

Head Office
Customer Care

39 Ferguson Road
South Africa
Phone: 0860 542 542
Fax: 011 268 0799

All info was correct at time of publishing