Essential Med Health Insurance

Essential Med health insurance offers medical cover products on the South African market that are affordable to everyone.

What is medical insurance?

Medical insurance is like an insurance package that covers one up to a certain amount. Therefore it is similar to a medical insurance policy. However please note that it differs entirely from a normal medical aid.

How does Essential Med health insurance differ from medical aid?

Importantly, please note that Essential Med is not a medical aid.

So let us take an example to help explain the difference between Essential Med and medical aid:

For instance, let’s say an accident occurs where on ends up in hospital.

Essential Med–    A normal medical aid will pay the hospital, doctors and specialists directly.
–    A hospital cash back plan will pay out a set amount every day, after one has been in hospital for more than three days.
–    Essential Med, which is a medical insurance and not a medical aid, will then pay out a large sum immediately which one can use as is necessary. So this could be used for the hospital bills or doctors, etc. And it is also possible to use it for everyday expenses which cannot be covered like always, due to having to stay in hospital.

It is thus clear, that Essential Med is not a medical aid.

The advantages of medical schemes, like Essential Med health insurance, are:

1.    The payments for these medical insurance policies are lower than is the case with a private medical aid policy.

The reasons:
–    Employers help pay a percentage of this.
–    Many individuals participate in medical insurance policies. Therefore coverage could be much cheaper than with an individual medical aid policy.

2.    When someone is suddenly confronted with large medical costs, they can still go ahead with treatment. Even when they do not have that kind of money at that moment. The medical insurance will pay out a lump sum, which solves the problem.

3.    The quality of the medical care is better. The reason is that according to the law, medical services must meet certain standards.Essential Med Quotes

Examples of medical aid schemes are:

– Discovery Health, who offers Discovery medical aid as one of their products.
– GEMS medical aid
– Liberty medical aid
– Bestmed medical aid
– Fedhealth
– Momentum Health

Medical aid quotes for the above-mentioned companies could be acquired online.

By contrast, Essential Med is a medical insurance company.

Essential Med offers:

–    a variety of health care products
–    hospital insurance plans
–    all medically related costs

Essential Med offers these services through a network of service providers. There are options for everyone, even though it implies a large variety of medical needs.

The purpose of Essential Med is to offer affordable medical insurance to those who are not able to afford expensive medical aid services.

Essential Med has for example the Basic Policy Option, Balance Policy Option, Boost Policy Option, and other product as well. All three of these policies cover:

–    day-to-day benefits
–    in-hospital cover

On top of these benefits, Essential Med then includes different terms for the different options.

Basic Policy Option: Insurance for permanent disability or death as well.

Balance Policy Option: Hospital cover includes insurance for any illness, disease, accident, maternity or emergencies as well.

Boost Policy Option:Different extra benefits as well.

For the budget-concerned individual or family, this medical insurance certainly has a lot to offer.


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