Employee Insurance Combined with Discovery Life Plan

Joining a new company or changing jobs is always a satisfying experience. A new job, new position, new responsibilities, new salary, and often new perks as well. If your new benefit package offers employee insurance cover, you’re in luck.

Businesses that offer life insurance policies to their employees typically do so via a third party insurance provider, one that can offer a range of cover options such as regular life insurance, disability cover and sometimes severe illness cover as well. It’s not just a new job – it’s peace of mind for you as well.

However, when joining a new organisation there are many forms to complete. So often we don’t look at the fine print. Also we don’t have an in-depth understanding of the type of insurance cover involved. If you’ve been in your current job for a number of years, think back to when you started.

Do you remember signing any company life insurance policies? Do you know who your beneficiaries are, or what the lump-sum payment to them will be? And do you know the specific benefits your plan offers? Do you know if the policy will cover you for life, or only for your term of employment?

Employee Insurance



Double the life cover, double the peace of mind

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s a good idea to review your employee cover. Also consider the advantages of combining this cover with an individual life insurance policy.

Employee life insurance cover is a very real benefit and can be a helping hand in times of need. But often the policy is only valid as long as you are a company employee. In these cases, should you terminate your employment contract, your life insurance cover will end as well. That could leave you and your family unprotected from life’s calamities.

Having individual life insurance in place on top of your employee insurance cover will not only protect you from being vulnerable when you change jobs, it will also ensure your family receives adequate benefits should anything ever happen to you. Putting an individual life insurance policy in place now will also protect you from expensive premiums later in life, at a time when you may face certain risk loadings and exclusions. The later you leave a life insurance application, the more costly it could be, both in terms of monthly payments and in terms of what your policy is able to offer you.

Life insurance that remains relevant throughout your life

A life insurance policy isn’t just a short-term policy that provides cover for a year or two – it’s whole of life cover designed to protect you and your family, secure your financial future, and give you lasting peace of mind. By trusting Discovery Life to take care of you and your family in every circumstance, not only will you enjoy a collection of personalised benefits, you’ll have a policy in place that adapts to your changing needs.

Partner with Discovery Life today, and you’ll enjoy a range of life insurance products to help you manage all of life’s setbacks:

  •     Life insurance to help take care of your family in the event of your death
  •     Disability insurance to protect you against the financial impact of becoming disabled
  •     Severe illness insurance to relieve financial burdens should you become critically ill
  •     Income protection insurance to help maintain your standard of living in the event that you are unable
    to follow your occupation as a result of illness or injury
  •     Global Education Protector to take care of your children’s education on your behalf if something should
    happen to you


Tailor-made Insurance

While your employee insurance benefits may cover you in some or all of these circumstances, having a tailor-made individual life insurance policy in place will give you and your family an extra layer of protection and added reassurance of your family’s financial security.

The beginning of a new year is the ideal time to take stock of where you are, and plan for where you’re going – and a Discovery Life Plan is a solid first step in the right direction.;

Speak to your financial adviser today to find out more about a Life Plan to suit your individual needs and let us put you on the road to success, security and long-term peace of mind.

* Article supplied by Discovery Life


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