1 Life – Safe and affordable life assurance

Some of the main worries of any family man are – what happens to my family when I am gone? Will they be able to survive financially without me? With 1 Life they will.

Life assurance is a safe and affordable way to put all those worries aside. The money you receive, however, will not replace the deceased.

But you will have the ability to continue living without the financial burdens involved.

Finding life cover to suit an individual’s lifestyle might be difficult for some people.

Especially people with existing medical conditions and cultural needs.

Therefore, needs that require large funerals where a small funeral will not do. The cost of the policy you wish to buy is another factor. Most South Africans fall in the lower to middle class and policies that are too expensive will make living comfortably, a challenge.

1 life could just be the provider you need

1 Life

For those with medical problems:

Living with existing medical conditions is already a burden to bear, both physically, financially and mentally.

Some companies penalise you for having medical problems by either loading your premium or excluding the condition.

Other companies require a medical exam and/or blood tests. With 1 Life no medical examination or blood tests are needed. Go online and get free Life Insurance quotes now!

For those with cultural preferences that require a big funeral:

Most companies have some funeral plan added to the policy, but the funds they provide are rarely enough to cover for a big funeral or unveiling.

Hardly any of the other companies gives you the opportunity to receive a free headstone.

These are all aspects that make life easier for the ones you leave behind, and the costs of the funeral will not cripple them financially.

For those that fall in the lower income groups:

The economic status in our country is quite unstable, and you need a life product that is affordable and that will not destroy your balance sheet.

Should the opportunity arise and you wish to increase your cover this can be done in an easy, timely manner.

The premiums are affordable, and the value you receive with the added funeral benefit will save you some money, by not needing to subscribe to a second funeral plan.

To get a FREE life insurance quote just fill in the form on this page.

Conclusion; the benefits of acquiring a 1 life policy:

• Instant life insurance, with an easy online application.
• No blood or medical tests.
• A free headstone benefit up to R5000
• Expo-Sure cover for accidental exposure to HIV/AIDS that includes medication and counselling. And even some money to upgrade security in your home, should the exposure occur there.
• All of the life assurance policies includes up to R25000 funeral cover.
• The claims process is easy to follow and hassle free.
• You will have the relief of the worries that your loved ones can continue living comfortably after you are gone.
• Suicide cover after two years.
• The possibility to upgrade your cover when you need to.

Remember when applying for any financial products that you need to have your FICA documents available. This is your green bar-coded ID book and a proof of residence like a bill sent to the address where you live.

All info was correct at time of publishing