Clientele Life Cash Back Hospital Plan

There have been numerous discussions between medical aid schemes and their members regarding cash back hospital plans offered by Clientele and other insurance companies. The Clientele Life cash back hospital plan remains popular nonetheless.

But is the Clientele life hospital plan really worth it?

We will take a look at both the positive and negative aspects of this plan and come to a well considered conclusion.

Clientele Life cash back hospital plan – The positive aspects

  • The plan allows you to receive cash back for every day you do spend in hospital as a patient.
  • The cover is really cheap.
  • It is a viable option to consider as gap cover.
  • It can replace loss of income while you are in hospital.
  • You have the opportunity to add additional cover like accidental death, accidental disability and dread diseases cover.
  • You will receive 50% extra cash back when you are in ICU.
  • After 60 premiums you will receive 6 months premiums back.
  • You may only be a member of one medical aid but that rule does not apply for hospital insurance provided by an insurance company.


Clientele Life cash back hospital plan

Clientele Life cash back hospital plan – The negative aspects

  • The cash paid out is not enough to cover the costs of hospitalization.
  • It only covers you while you are in hospital; it does not include at-home recovery, medication and rehabilitation.
  • There are prerequisites to claim, like the amount of days you have to stay in hospital.
  • The plan has exclusions of up to 24 months for pre-existing medical conditions and 12 months for maternity. The longest exclusion time allowed to medical schemes is 12 months.
  • They can cancel your membership at any time.
  • The governing body associated with medical aid schemes in South Africa does NOT govern this hospital cash back plan.
  • You have to pay all the hospital expenses by yourself.
  • You are not covered for the prescribed minimum benefits that apply to medical aid plans.
  • The dread disease, accidental death and accidental disability cover can be included in life insurance plans as well.
  • This is not a medical aid option, merely insurance to cover some of your medical or other costs.
  • Because there is no governing body involved all claims disputes would be handled by hiring a lawyer.



Is the Clientele life hospital plan really worth it? The plan can help you if you use it in conjunction with an existing medical aid or hospital plan. You will then be able to have gap cover and cover for possible loss of income. It is however not wise to use the plan as your only medical backing as hospital costs could easily overwhelm you and cheap could rapidly become extremely expensive.

There are network plans available at certain schemes that only costs a little bit more than the Clientele plan, but it can provide you with comprehensive cover. The network plans might provide limited cover, but it is better than nothing at all.

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All info was correct at time of publishing