Discovery Life for a wealth of benefits and wealth building

South Africans can choose from many large and stable insurance firms, including Discovery Life insurance.

Discovery enjoys the respect of finance firms everywhere in the world,

They offer people as well as businesses a range of services that are all designed to create wealth.

They protect the financial well-being of people and stimulate growth.

The company prides itself on the service it gives to clients and the many positive it receives from consumers.

What services does Discovery Life insurance offer?

Discovery Life insurance

Discovery offers four main pillars of service that cover the entire spectrum of wealth and financial security for any individual, family or business.

Health products and plans for everyone. 

The company offers a range of medical care plans designed to suit any need and budget.

The policies cover treatment at overseas hospitals to local hospital plans. Their life insurance plan also gives benefits that very few insurers can equal.

There are far too many benefits to list on a site such as this, visit the Discovery site for more info. Or, better still, go in and talk to them.

A Life cover plan for the well-being of your family.

Having enough life cover is vital. People think that life cover only pays when the insured person dies. However, this type of cover goes much further than that.

A life cover plan takes care of your whole family and the chance that the insured may become disabled and unable to earn an income. A serious disease can strike at any time and cover for adverse economic conditions is also available.  Go online and get free Life Insurance quotes.

Short term cover 

Most people have to work hard to save and gather assets. However, there are many threats against such assets. And very few people have the money to replace them when they are lost, stolen or destroyed.

Discovery has plans that ensure the loss of an asset will not be the cause of financial ruin. Their products range from car cover to house insurance and make provision for personal liability.


To request a quick life insurance quote just fill in the form on this page. Don’t forget to hit the “Get Quote” button after that

Investments in life insurance

It’s disturbing to learn just how few people save. Many people enter retirement only to find that they just cannot maintain their lifestyles. Others find themselves in situations without the funds to deal with it.

There are Discovery plans that suit every need, no matter the budget. The best way to get ahead is to start saving as early on in life as you can.

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