Get the expertise of a mega corporation – Old Mutual insurance

If you want cover from a firm that has been around a long time, try the Old Mutual insurance company.

For more than a hundred and sixty years this large group has been a major player in South Africa.

They have helped shape the economy and served millions of clients and still continue to show growth year after year.

No company can survive so long if it is resistant to change and unwilling to adapt to new technology.

Analysts are of the opinion that Old Mutual is at the forefront of technology.

Not only do they use the latest tools but also invent new technology to perform even better.

What is the focus of Old Mutual insurance and how do I benefit?

Old Mutual insurance

The company bases its approach on three primary areas of focus:

ONE. Personal Solutions. 

This includes a vast array of products that help you build wealth. Such as life cover options, medical cover solutions, savings plans, retirement options and short term cover schemes.

Old Mutual employs expert advisers that help you plan your estate and draw up a will. They develop long-term plans that take care of every financial need, like funeral planning and education.

TWO. Business Solutions.

They offer a complete service that includes every possible financial service. There are banking services, business loans, tailor-made insurance for small to medium-sized firms. Old Mutual insurance can help a small business grow and prosper. Many of these services are free of charge.

Employers can also access employee benefit plans. This allows them to focus on their main goal rather than being caught up in legal and admin issues. There is a broad range of investment plans that help entrepreneurs to remain financially fluid and sound. Go online and get free Life Insurance quotes.

THREE. Corporate Solutions.

As a giant itself, they understand the needs of large corporations. In this regard, they have many valuable services and products that are unique to this market.

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They manage large retirement funds, risk management solutions and a myriad of investment opportunities. Corporations benefit from the long-standing expertise of the company in the global financial arena without having to employ financial experts themselves.

Many corporations also benefit from the advisory service offered and these range from legal advice to financial analysis and assistance.

The Old Mutual insurance company remains one of the giants on the corporate stage of the world. They have been able to adapt to change and to react to new needs and challenges quickly.

Their products are innovative, and they employ many experts that help their clients. They manage the finances of individuals, small businesses and corporate giants.

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All info was correct at time of publishing