Can a person over 60 buy Life Insurance?

As soon as one reaches 60 you become a senior citizen. And even if you don’t feel anything like a senior, can you buy Life Insurance for sixty year old?

As we grow older, we realise that life insurance should have always been a part of our financial plan. But what if you reach 60 and it only dawns on you now? Can an ‘older person’ still get insurance?

Life Insurance for Sixty year old – Why you Should get life insurance

You need to look out for your family who have always relied on you for financial support. When you die, life insurance replaces your income.

If you don’t have other assets for your children, you can at least create an inheritance. By buying a policy now and naming your kids as beneficiaries, you give them a gift which sets them up for the future.

How Life Insurance for Sixty year old Can help Clear debt

If you’ve got debt such as credit cards, loans or a mortgage, your loved ones can use the payout to clear it. You don’t want your kids stuck with a financial burden.

Now, if you’re wondering which insurer will allow an old guy to buy cover at 60 or beyond, then you need to know more about Falcon’s Nest. They provide you with quotes and rates from different brokers. And if you’re over 80, they even look for funeral cover for you !

Life Insurance for Sixty year old Let Falcon’s Nest do the Search for You

People who are diabetic battle to get insurance, and yet there are firms who sell cover to them. Falcon’s Nest does the hard work for you in looking for these companies.

All you do is fill in the online form and submit it. An agent will get back to you with quotes from different insurers. One thing is sure, there are companies who provide 60 and over life cover.

Some insurers might require you to have a medical test. There are however, some that provide plans and don’t ask any health questions. When comparing quotes, make sure you know what kind of cover you need.

Life Insurance for Sixty year old

When you evaluate the different quotes that Falcon’s Nest send you, study the money score of the company. The score is an indicator of the insurer’s ability to fulfil their monetary commitment. You don’t want to discover that come the day, they’re unable to pay out.

There is Hope yet with Falcons Nest

Falcon’s Nest can take away the frustration of looking for cover when most insurers turn you down. While being a pensioner has some perks in that you get discounts, doors also slam shut in your face. It’s why Falcon’s Nest can be your lifeline – they get things done that might otherwise have been impossible.

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