PinnAfrica Life insurance offers hi-tech cover.

PinnAfrica started trading in 1997 as a life insurance firm on behalf of Lombard Life Limited.

PinnAfrica have the most advanced custom built underwriting system in the insurance game. They guarantee all their work and have a web based admin system on mobile.

PinnAfrica and their ‘Protection’ range Of plans-

  • Shortfall – Car insurance cover, sold as a stand-alone plan or together with Deposit Protector. No age limit and a R200 000 benefit.
  • Deposit – Cover for stolen or damaged cars beyond repair.
  • Excess – For the total loss of the vehicle, PinnAfrica pays the excess up to a limit of R7 500 @ R50 per month. Or excess up to a limit of R20 000 @ R168 per month.
  • Instalment – A stand-alone plan for the total loss of the vehicle. PinnAfrica pays the monthly instalment until settlement of the claim.
  • Credit Life – If you have a debt, the cover pays the monthly instalment or outstanding balance. Events include Death, Critical Illness and Disability. The policy expires when you reach the age of 65,

PinnAfrica benefit Overview

  • Death – A pay-out at the date of the incident which caused the claim.
  • Disability – As above. It excludes any issue arising from pre-existing conditions.
  • Critical Illness – A pay-out at the date of the incident which caused the claim.
  • Disability – If you suffer loss of income because of illness or injury, the benefits start after a period of 30 days
  • Retrenchment  –  This option isn’t for self employed people or contractors but for permanent workers.

With a custom built underwriting system, PinnAfrica has the means to process large volumes of premiums and data.

Complaints process:

PinnAfrica PinnAfrica strives to solve clients complaints within 48 hours. The Compliance Officer takes the complaint and then passes it on to the right department, who, in turn, contacts the client. If they are still not happy, the Ombudsman is contacted.

Contact the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance on 011 726 8900. Email: and Long-Term Insurance on 012 657 5000 . Email:


Insurance is important, it provides you with cash if you’re disabled or when you retire. Your family gets money for a funeral when you pass on. That’s why you need a trusted insurer who can secure your future for you and your dependents.

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