Channel Life Insurance in South Africa

If you have family that relies on you for their livelihood, it’s worth considering life insurance. Without life insurance, you have to answer the question ‘how will your family survive without your salary when you’re no longer there?’. This scenario is a reality and causes many people to like to look at life insurance in a new light. See what channel life insurance can offer you.

What is Life Insurance – Channel life insurance

It protects your family against financial loss should you pass away. There are different types of life insurance, but term life insurance is one of the most affordable. Term life insurance provides cover for a certain, specified period. You can buy this kind of life insurance for 5, 10, 20 or 30 years for instance. With term life insurance, you buy a policy for a certain amount of time. You choose the policy amount and pay a monthly premium in accordance with this amount. If you’re in debt, term life insurance can be a good way to ensure your family will not share the burden. With life insurance, you leave behind a ‘security blanket’ legacy. Your responsibility to your family continues after death.

You’re FULLY informed with SKY – Channel life insurance

Channel Life InsuranceHave a look at SKY Insurance Solutions. They assist their customers with insurance and personal finance decisions. They provide comprehensive information on all types of insurance, and this includes life insurance. Life insurance can ensure that your family aren’t left with the huge burden of paying off your home when you’re not there. Sky Insurance will provide you with valuable information on Life Insurance. You’ll discover that the World Economic Forum ranks South Africa 3rd out of 148 countries regarding financial market development. So South Africa’s insurance is one area where the country excels.

The information Sky Insurance provides is to give readers insight into consumers’ perceptions around life insurance.  South Africans are able to participate in a healthy insurance industry. Sky knows that life insurance products are complicated and they advise you to enlist the expertise of a qualified, independent financial adviser to assist with matching your needs to the correct product. They will tell you that it is important to invest in life insurance while you are young and healthy tp avoid high costs from underwriting.

What do they do at SKY – Channel life insurance

SKY Insurance is an online resource for insurance providers, delivering the relevant information and necessary resources so South Africans can get the most suitable insurance for themselves. One of these is Channel Life, a South African company. Since 2006, Sanlam has 50% of the company which has contributed to Channel Life’s growth. The company has separate divisions providing insurance products designed to appeal to South Africans. As an insurance company, Channel Life offers a product range perfect for everyone’s needs. Their  LifeChoice product, for instance, takes care of income protection for accidental death and death. Focused exclusively on the South African market and its unique needs. Call them at their client services on 0860 480 000 or email them at and get your future responsibilities to your family sorted out.

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